GOP challenges Obama’s social experiments in military


A nonpartisan watchdog says voters will have a clear choice this presidential election on the future of America’s military.

The independent public-policy group Center for Military Readiness, while not endorsing a specific candidate, highlights in a report the GOP’s intent in its platform to reverse some of the damage done to the military by the Obama administration.

Obama has employed social experimentation in the U.S. military, for example, imposing open homosexuality in the ranks and women in front-line combat roles.

CME said the Democratic Party’s platform focuses on criticizing Republican nominee Donald Trump “for having ‘no strategy for dealing with key threats facing our country, including climate change and ISIS.’”

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And it continues the social engineering, stating, “Our military is strongest when people of all races, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities are honored for their service to our country.”

The GOP platform, however, contains a “set of solid statements regarding military/social issues” that gives voters “a clear roadmap for reassessing and eventually reversing much of the damage done to our military since 2009,” CMR said.

“Since President Barack Obama took office in 2009, his administration has delivered on campaign promises to impose radical social agendas on our military,” the report said. “The Center for Military Readiness is pleased to report that the 2016 Republican National Convention has resolved to objectively review and repair the damage.”

The report continued: “The first step is to recognize that problems exist and to restore sound priorities. The platform calls for an end to social experimentation and an honest assessment of problems that need to be corrected. Because unwise policies that the Obama administration imposed administratively can be undone in the same way, nine platform planks presented and analyzed below challenge the results of political correctness taken to extremes.”

The advice? “Voters must choose wisely.”

The report includes:

  • A statement that the GOP rejects “the use of the military as a platform for social experimentation.” CMR said Obama “has repeatedly used executive power to impose feminist agendas and LGBT law and regulations implementing the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender agenda for the military, regardless of the harmful consequences.”
  • The GOP would call for “an objective review of the impact on readiness.” CMR said a GOP administration would evaluate what Obama has imposed, including involuntary service by women in combat arms and more, and would “put military readiness first.”
  • The GOP calls for an exemption for women from “direct ground combat units and infantry battalions.” CMR noted the success of “tip of the spear” units is made or broken sometimes by the individual physical capabilities of members. “In field tests, gender-mixed units underperformed 69 percent of the time. Physical differences that cannot be ‘mitigated’ would have a serious negative effect on what the Marines called ‘survivability and lethality,’” CMR said.
  • The GOP warned “against modification or lessening of standards” to satisfy a social agenda. But under the Obama administration, quotas, or “gender diversity metrics,” have been established as “paramount goals,” which have the effect of “lowering standards” for performance requirements, CMR said.
  • The GOP platform calls for an all-volunteer force. A draft, especially one “on a gender-neutral basis,” would weaken the military, CMR said.
  • The GOP opposes having women register for a draft. “Calling up thousands of potential female draftees, most of whom will not meet combat standards, would slow mobilization during a time of catastrophic national emergency, the worst possible time. Congress should review capabilities of the Selective Service system, applying standards of military readiness, not ‘gender equality,’” CMR said.
  • The GOP supports the “rights of conscience of military chaplains of all faiths to practice their faith free from political interference.” That’s simply a First Amendment right, CMR said. “Servicemen and women have a constitutional right to receive counsel from chaplains who are free to discuss matters of morality during all activities, not limited to worship services. Since 2011, there have been numerous attempts to censure and silence chaplains and people of faith, creating a ‘chilling effect’ and fear of career penalties for exercising rights of religious liberty. In some of these cases, military personnel have had to seek legal defense.”
  • The GOP condemns “special interest demonstrations” which means the LGBT pride events sponsored by the military, CMR said. “In the same way that our military does not allow labor unions, activist events promoting LGBT law and other special interest causes are inherently divisive and harmful to unit cohesion.”
  • The GOP emphasizes due process in cases that arise from the “constantly increasing rates of sexual assault and retaliation.” “The best way to protect due process is to support and improve legal representation for both the accuser and the accused,” the CMR said.

The report also calls for military superiority.

“The 14-page section of the 2016 Republican Platform, titled ‘America Resurgent,’ includes many sound ideas to restore the strength of America’s military, and to restore respect for America worldwide. It begins by quoting Alexander Hamilton, who wrote in Federalist 23 that the first of the ‘principle’ constitutional obligations of the federal government is to provide for the ‘common defense’ of the United States. It also notes that President George Washington wisely reminded us that “’to be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace,’” CMR said.

Read the WND book that inspired the film, “Ride the Thunder: A Vietnam War Story of Honor and Triumph” – autographed at the WND Superstore!



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