Netanyahu, unfazed by indictment, vows to be PM for years

(Jerusalem Post) Only the voters will decide if I remain in office, not bureaucrats, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after Attorney-General Avihai Mandelblit announced on Thursday his intention to indict the premier on multiple charges of fraud and breach of trust, and one bribery charge, pending a hearing.

Netanyahu gave a very political speech from the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem, focusing on the timing of the charges and arguing that they are meant to bring down the Right, repeatedly using the phrase “witch hunt.”

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CNN: Kamala Harris lied

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., moves to adjourn the opening hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh Sep. 4, 2018

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif.

Kamala Harris, a prosecutor in California before her election to the U.S. Senate, lied about a policy she supported that required reporting to ICE any juvenile illegal aliens in custody in San Francisco, according to CNN.

The network said the Democratic lawmaker “mischaracterized” the 2008 policy “that led to undocumented minors who were arrested for suspected felonies being turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement before they had been convicted.”

A 2020 presidential candidate, her claims came in an interview before an audience in Iowa on Sunday.

She was asked about her public support for the city policy enacted by then-San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.


“In her answer,” CNN said, “Harris called the reporting of arrested juvenile undocumented immigrants before they were convicted of a felony an ‘unintended consequence’ of the policy that she did not support. However, this was in fact the intent of the policy.”

The question to Harris was: “Could you kind of give us some insight on how, from that time, when for whatever reason you were supporting this policy that was essentially handing over undocumented people to ICE before they had been convicted to now – kind of what’s changed on that and how you came to those changes?”

Harris’ responded: “That ended up being an unintended consequence of the policy and I did not support that consequence of that policy. And that policy I believe has since changed because it was not the intended purpose of that policy. I’ll say this, and I feel very strongly about it, and I always have, which is this, my background is as a prosecutor and I want to know that a person, a victim of a rape or a child molestation, or a vicious violent crime, I want to know that that victim will be able to run in the middle of the street and wave down a police officer and receive protection and security without having to worry about if they do that they will be deported.”

However, CNN reported, San Francisco had been a sanctuary city since 1989. And it originally protected all illegal aliens from ICE, deciding in 1992 to remove protections for criminal adult suspects.

But the protection remained for arrested juveniles until the policy change supported by Harris.

At that point, the city began “reporting arrested undocumented juveniles to ICE who were suspected of committing a felony, regardless of whether they were actually found guilty of a crime,” CNN reported.

“Reporting arrested undocumented juveniles to ICE was not an ‘unintended consequence’ of the policy, it was the policy,” CNN said. “Newsom and Harris have both since said that they supported the policy as a measure to protect San Francisco’s overall status as a sanctuary city, but the policy itself was enacted as ordered by the mayor.”

The network reported, “A Harris spokesman did not address the senator’s mischaracterizations when contacted by CNN’s KFile, but reiterated that the policy should have been handled differently.

“Harris’ claim that the policy has since been changed ‘because it was not the intended purpose of that policy’ is also inaccurate,” CNN said. “While Harris was correct that the policy has since been changed, it was the result of a change in administration. When Newsom left his position as mayor in 2011, his successor changed the city’s policy so that police would only report unaccompanied juvenile undocumented immigrants who were arrested to ICE; and again in 2013 when San Francisco passed another ordinance which prohibited reporting any arrested person to ICE except in limited circumstances.”

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Who ‘won’ summit? Media can’t agree

President Donald Trump (WhiteHouse.gov video)

President Donald Trump (WhiteHouse.gov video)

Jonathan Allen at NBC was quick to broadcast his own conclusion that President Donald Trump “cut his losses” after the Vietnam summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un ended without a denuclearization agreement.

“After traveling halfway around the world for a face-to-face meeting with one of the world’s most notorious despots – with hopes of persuading the dictator to give up his nuclear weapons cache – the president who considers himself the world’s ultimate deal-maker pushed away from the negotiating table with nothing more in hand than he had arrived with,” he wrote.

But his was only one of a wide range of opinions on the meetings that did not, in fact, produce an agreement.

The result was that the status quo, which followed the first meeting by the two leaders some months ago in that North Korea has stopped its blatant threats to the U.S. and it has stopped its intimidating missile “tests,” continues.

In fact, Kim Jong Un responded to reporters’ questions that if he was not open to denuclearization, he wouldn’t be meeting with Trump.

It’s a huge change from recent years of communications from North Korea only through threats, and the hermit nation’s constant promises to attack the United States with its nukes.

Allen linked his negative comments about Trump to “a gathering pile of political, policy and personal humiliations” for the president, to include the 2018 elections, a government shutdown, his fight over a border wall and indictments and convictions “of several of his closet associates…”

Those comments fell into the same category as congressional Democrats’ insistent that convicted liar Michael Cohen “testify” about his anti-Trump agenda before a panel yesterday – just as Trump was handling those delicate conversations with North Korea.

The talks actually fell apart after progress was made because of North Korea’s insistence it would give up part of its military weaponry in return for removal of all U.S. sanctions. Trump decided that would have been a bad deal for the U.S. and declined.

The president said, “They were willing to de-nuke a large portion of the areas that we wanted, but we couldn’t give up all of the sanctions for that, so we continue to work and we’ll see.”

No future meetings were announced, although U.S. officials said they expected them to develop.

At the New York Times, Edward Wong commented that the end of talks “leaves the unusual rapprochement between the United States and North Korea that has unfolded for most of a year at a deadlock.”

He did report North Korea had pledged to maintain a halt on nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

Previous American administrations had made virtually no progress with North Korea regarding the reduction or elimination of its weaponry – not even discussions.

Trump said he’d rather handle the problem “right” than “fast.”

The conflict between the two sides apparently is what denuclearization will North Korea do in return for what sanctions relief.

America’s allies in the region, including Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, supported Trump’s decision to “not make the easy compromise.’

Key was Kim’s comment to a reporter who asked about denuclearization, “If I’m not willing to do that, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

The Daily Mail reported Trump could not say how soon any more talks might be held.

But Trump reported he remains on good terms with the North Korean leader.

Analysts before the meeting said it was a long shot that anything definitive would emerge.

Many commentators over the course of Thursday confirmed that Trump’s decision to walk away from talks at this point was the right one.

CNBC reported that even without an agreement, the meeting could help Kim with his nation’s residents, and would help Trump with his political base.

“The international community will stand back and say not much has happened, but if you look at domestic agendas – both for Kim and for President Trump – actually a limited amount of progress would be success,” said Richard Fenning, of Control Risks.


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Juan Williams charges conservatives ‘in the bunker’

(Daily Wire) The scene over at Fox News’ “The Five” on Wednesday got really uncomfortable between co-hosts Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams when the latter, the most left-leaning voice on the team, accused Gutfeld and others of being deep “in the bunker.”

The increasingly tense exchange, which resulted in Gutfeld threatening to throw Williams off the set, occurred during the co-hosts’ analysis of the testimony of Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer-turned-“rat” Michael Cohen.

Cohen told the House Oversight Committee Wednesday that his former boss — for whom he once said he’d “take a bullet” — is a “racist,” “conman,” and a “cheat,” who has been involved in “illicit acts.” Presenting what he describes as “irrefutable” evidence of Trump’s wrongdoing,

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Prosecutor plans to unleash Netanyahu indictment

(Haaretz) Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit announced on Thursday his decision to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for bribery, fraud and breach of trust in three separate cases, pending a hearing.

In Case 4000, Netanyahu is accused of providing regulatory concessions to Shaul Elovitch, the controlling shareholder of Bezeq telecommunications, in exchange for favorable coverage from Bezeq’s news website, Walla. The charge: Bribery and breach of trust.

In Case 1000, in which the prime minister is alleged to have accepted gifts from wealthy business figures in return for political favors, the charges are fraud and breach of trust.

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Pakistan-India conflict most serious in decades

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan’s prime minister pledged on Thursday his country would release a captured Indian fighter pilot, a move that could help defuse the most serious confrontation in two decades between the nuclear-armed neighbors over the disputed region of Kashmir.

Prime Minister Imran Khan made the announcement in an address to both houses of Parliament, saying he tried to reach his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi on Wednesday with a message that he wants to de-escalate tensions.

“We are releasing the Indian pilot as a goodwill gesture tomorrow,” Khan told lawmakers. He did not say whether the release was conditional.

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No deal: Summit in Vietnam ends

(Washington Examiner) The White House announced Thursday that no deal between the United States and North Korea was reached in Vietnam as President Trump’s second summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was unexpectedly cut short.

“The two leaders discussed various ways to advance denuclearization and economic driven concepts,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement. “No agreement was reached at this time, but their respective teams look forward to meeting in the future.” She described the meetings between Trump and Kim, which took place Wednesday and Thursday in Hanoi, as “very good and constructive.”

Thursday’s working lunch, expected to be the culmination of talks, was canceled shortly before it was to begin, as was the signing ceremony scheduled right after. The president’s press conference slated for just before 4 p.m. local time — 4 a.m. Eastern — was pushed up to 2 p.m.

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Gillibrand backers include ‘vice’ companies

(Washington Examiner) Big tobacco, big soda, big booze, big burger, casinos, and Viagra might sound like the ingredients for an extremely lively and health-hazardous night out on the town. They also represent some of New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s major financial backers.

A review of Sen. Gillibrand’s donations by the Washington Examiner via the political transparency organization Open Secrets reveals a candidate willing to take donations from America’s biggest pushers of vice. She accepted the cash even as other Democrats began endorsing public health measures countering unhealthy lifestyles.

The 2020 hopeful’s history working with Phillip Morris during the tobacco company’s litigation with the Clinton administration was a blip during her appointment to the Senate in 2009.

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Electric grid attacks cost $10 billion a year

(Washington Examiner) Solar-generated attacks on the unprotected U.S. electric grid cost $10 billion a year, and they are escalating, making the system vulnerable to a catastrophic failure that could cut off electricity for months, federal officials and energy experts warned Wednesday.

In what was the most blunt assessment of security for the grid that feeds and fuels virtually every element of life in the country, the officials said the system is an easy target for solar, nuclear, and even small arms attacks from terrorists.

“We are still incredibly vulnerable,” Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Operations Committee Chairman Ron Johnson said after hosting a two-hour roundtable to address poor grid security.

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Jenna Jameson: ‘These monsters’ are ‘butchering babies’

(FOXNEWS) — Jenna Jameson is steadfast in her beliefs about abortion.

The former porn star slammed Democrats for voting against and ultimately blocking, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act in the Senate earlier this week. The bill aims to medically protect infants who are born alive after botched abortions.

Jameson wrote on Twitter, “These monster democrats are essentially butchering babies. BornAliveAct.”

WND NOTE: After almost five decades of legalized abortion and 60 million dead American children – a number equivalent to almost one-fifth of the current U.S. population – a seismic shift is occurring in the abortion world. It’s all explored in-depth in the current issue of WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled “STOP KILLING BABIES.”

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