Finally! How to get WND without any ads!

More and more of WND’s millions of monthly visitors have been telling us the same thing.

“We love WND,” they say. “But can I pay to get your content without being bombarded by advertising and putting up with load times on audio and video spots?”

We have answered the call. The product is called WND Weekly – and, that’s right, it contains no ads, and comes with a very reasonable annual subscription cost, which right now has been reduced by an extra 20 percent!

Each week, all the original content from WND.com is collected, repackaged with spectacular designs and beautifully illustrated, and delivered to your computer, tablet, or phone for you to read, browse, check out, examine, inspect, peruse, pore over, scan, search, skim, study, AND KEEP FOREVER … absolutely ad-free!


More and more of WND’s millions of monthly visitors have been telling us the same thing.

Print it, save it, or share it. And each weekly issue costs less than a song on iTunes, a new razor from a monthly shave club, an ATM fee, a souvenir penny, a cheap beer, a junior cheeseburger deluxe at Wendy’s or a slice of pizza in New York City!

Although WND Weekly has been available for several years, we’ve dramatically lowered the subscription cost on this weekly digital magazine delivered to your inbox to make it more affordable for everyone. And right now, it’s at its lowest price ever!


We welcome you to sample one issue of WND Weekly FREE of all cost or obligation because we believe you will love this easy, convenient and classy way to read WND’s news and commentary at your leisure.

In an age of “fake news” being presented as fact, WND.com strives to be the best source of powerful, truthful journalism you’ve come to expect from the No. 1, original pioneering independent online news agency dedicated to draining the swamp of Washington, D.C., since we started publishing back in 1997.

A simple-to-access and easy way to digest the news, WND Weekly allows you to download the week’s content when you want it and as often as you want it. WND Weekly allows you to view a beautiful presentation of the hottest stories in an elegantly packaged and fully illustrated manner, so you can catch up on all the news in one visual production. And for many, the best part is – it’s entirely ad-free!

Try a sample copy of WND Weekly absolutely FREE – or better yet, take advantage of our lowest price ever and subscribe right now at a super-low discount price!

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