When mystery fatigue and joint pain are caused by a fungus

If you suffer from fatigue and joint pain, it’s possible that the underlying cause could be a hidden fungal infection… something most doctors wouldn’t think to look for.

The fungus is called candida. You may have heard of it if you’ve ever suffered a yeast infection. There are a lot of ways that you can end up with an overgrowth, including:

• Taking antibiotics

• Taking birth control pills

• Dealing with too much stress

• Eating lots of sugar or carbs

• Living with diabetes

• Drinking too much alcohol

• Having a weak immune system

And when candida grows out of control, you end up worn-out and hurting.

Fatigue is a common symptom of candidiasis. When the yeast spreads throughout your body, it causes nutritional deficiencies. Candida overgrowth has been associated with deficiencies of magnesium, vitamin B-6 and essential fatty acids — and that lack of magnesium has been linked to exhaustion.

The longer you live with candidiasis, the worse things get.

That’s when it can start affecting your joints, causing inflammation, stiffness and pain and ending with arthritis.

To treat candida overgrowth, you have to get at the root.  This usually starts with the foods you eat.

First, be sure to eliminate all of the excess sugar, refined carbs and alcohol from your diet so that you’re not feeding the candida.

Instead, eat a diet rich in fresh organic veggies and drink plenty of water to ensure your body is hydrated.

It’s also important to eat fermented foods including kefir, kimchi and sauerkraut to provide the probiotics your system needs for proper digestion and cleansing. Probiotics have been shown to both stop the growth of candida and prevent infections.

Finally, be sure to take the proper supplements to give your body the best chance of beating candida and making a full recovery.

These are:

• Milk thistle — Do you remember how we talked about antibiotics and birth control pills causing candida overgrowth? Well, unfortunately, many prescription medications like these can end up stuck in your liver. So if you want to recover from candida, you have to cleanse your liver and one of the best ways to do that is by taking a milk thistle supplement. My favorite source of milk thistle is Peak Liver Support™.

• Vitamin C — Another cause of candidiasis is a weak immune system, so you want to pump yours up with a healthy dose of vitamin C (1,000 mg two to three times per day).

• Garlic — Scientific studies have shown that allicin (the antifungal compound found in garlic) is a potent candida fighter.

• Coconut oil — The lauric acid in coconut oil is another weapon in your arsenal in the battle against candida.

Candidiasis can cause extreme fatigue and joint pain but is more often than not overlooked by medical doctors. If you’re living with exhaustion and pain that won’t go away, use the steps above to rid yourself of candida overgrowth for better health and symptom relief.



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Executive privilege to be used over Mueller report?

(WASHINGTON POST) — The White House plans to fight a subpoena issued by the House Judiciary Committee for former White House counsel Donald McGahn to testify, according to people familiar with the matter, setting up another showdown in the aftermath of the special counsel report.

The Trump administration also plans to oppose other requests from House committees for the testimony of current and former aides about actions in the White House described in special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report, according to two people familiar with internal thinking who, like others interviewed for this story, spoke of the plans on the condition of anonymity.

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Watch abortionists clown about killing babies

A celebration of abortion at an event in Seattle by an actress and an abortionist who believes he’s doing God’s work drew attention on Twitter.

Abortion-rights activist and actress Martha Plimpton was on stage with Dr. Willie Parker when she noted the city of Seattle was significant to her, with family members from the area in the audience.

“I also had my first abortion at the Seattle Planned Parenthood! Yay!” she said to applause and cheers.

“Notice I said first. And I don’t want you guys to feel insecure. It was my best one,” she deadpanned to laughter from the audience and from Parker.

“Heads and tails above the rest, if I could Yelp review it,” she said to further laughter.

The event took place June 6, 2017, but was spotlighted Tuesday on Twitter.

Alison H. Centofante of the pro-life group Live Action tweeted that Parker is “a smarter, better dressed Dr. Kermit Gosnell,” referring to the Philadelphia abortionist sentenced to life in prison without parole for murdering babies after failed abortions.

“Equally creepy. Instead of breaking their necks outside of the womb, Dr. Parker breaks their necks inside the womb. Both laugh about it,” she wrote.

Kevin Sorbo (Twitter profile photo)

Kevin Sorbo (Twitter profile photo)

Actor Kevin Sorbo, known for his roles in movies with Christian themes including “God’s Not Dead,” tweeted: “Wow….how pathetic. Happy little murderers. Amazing!”

Parker was introduced by the founders of a group called #ShoutYourAbortion, Lindy West and Amelia Bonow.

Parker: ‘I meet God every day’

In her Seattle Times column before the event, Nicole Brodeur quoted extensively from Parker’s book “A Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice.”

The columnist asked Parker if he worried what awaited him when he faced God.

“I meet God every day with the people who need my help,” Parker replied. “I know God and God will know me. I don’t believe that the people who say they know God will have any say in that.”

Last month, abortion-rights advocate Candice Russell accused Parker of committing “inappropriate and predatory behavior” toward her, reported Rewire News.

Parker denied the allegations, insisting he has “never had sex with anyone without obtaining their consent or giving mine.”

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‘Orwellian’: Coin celebrating LGBTQ enters circulation

The loonie coin celebrating LGBTQ rights in Canada (Royal Canadian Mint)

The loonie coin celebrating LGBTQ rights in Canada (Royal Canadian Mint)

The homosexual agenda is now being thrust directly into the money system, at least in Canada.

The Royal Canadian Mint on Tuesday put into circulation a new coin, celebrating the “decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada.”

Valued at one Canadian dollar, the coin, known as the “loonie,” features the words “Equality-Egalite” with the artwork of Vancouver-based artist Joe Average.

The debut of the newly minted coin is not without controversy.

“This is state-operated propaganda, pure and simple, using our money system,” Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s largest pro-life group, told the Daily Caller.

“It’s Orwellian. Something you’d expect from a dictatorship like Communist China, the former Soviet Union …

“What [Prime Minister Justin] Trudeau has done in putting homosexual propaganda on our coinage is really beyond the pale. Justin’s father famously said that the state doesn’t belong in the bedrooms of the nation. Justin is doing the opposite of what his father preached, and imposing the bedroom on our currency! It’s outrageous … This really is a brain-washing exercise, using our currency to indoctrinate all of society with Justin Trudeau’s personal beliefs about homosexuality.”

“We encourage Canadians to boycott the gay loonie. If offered the coin as change, Canadians should say, ‘No, please give me real currency.’”

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Hillary Clinton: Indict Trump anyway

Hillary Clinton (video screenshot)

Hillary Clinton (video screenshot)

The report from FBI special counsel Robert Mueller found there was no collusion on the part of the 2016 Trump campaign with Russia, despite Democrats’ claims for two years that the evidence was there in plain sight.

On obstruction, Mueller waffled, citing incidents that might have been used if a prosecutor wanted to file charges, but Attorney General Bill Barr ultimately decided there wasn’t enough there there.

Further, the argument has been raised that without an underlying crime, collusion, there is nothing that could have been obstructed.

However, for some Democrats, that all doesn’t matter. They are coalescing around the idea that Trump should have been indicted anyway.

The Gateway Pundit reported Hillary Clinton said, “I think there is enough there that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted.”

“Let it go, Hillary,” the blog advised, when she said, “I’m really of the mind that the Mueller report is part of the beginning … because there’s still so much more that we should know and that we should act upon … And we’re a long way from knowing because we need to get the full report – the unredacted version.”

She was speaking at the TIME 100 conference of celebrities.

She cited a “roadmap” for impeachment – the kind that was being developed during Watergate, on which she worked many years ago.

Social media commenters weren’t all sympathetic to her, with Sharon Portman writing, “Clinton knows she will be indicted soon,” and Joni Job writing, “Tick Tock.”

She also didn’t mention the fact that her campaign helped pay for the Steele “dossier,” a political opposition research document that was used by the Obama administration as a foundation for the entire “Russia collusion” investigation.

Also moving to the cheering section for “indict anyway” was Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of a team of possible Democratic candidates for president.

She stated, “If any other human being in this country had done what’s documented in the Mueller report, they would be arrested and put in jail.”

Jack Moore responded online: “1/1024 truthful,” referencing Warren’s longtime claim of being Native American, when a test showed her to be 1/1024th Native American.”

“Biblical Historian” commented, “So Elizabeth Warren believes … when no crime is found and a person is determined innocent, the political class doesn’t have to be bound by a legal finding of no crime, they can continue to misrepresent and destroy the credibility of any person in the court of public opinion?”

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Bronx woman preps run against ‘Bolshevik’ AOC

(FOXNEWS) — She’s a medical journalist and former publicist with no political background, but Bronx native Ruth Papazian, 61, sees it as her duty – however much a long shot – to swipe the seat of 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the 2020 congressional elections.

“It became clear that if I didn’t step up to fight for our district, we’d end up with yet another passive Republican candidate who didn’t bother to campaign,” Papazian told Fox News. “And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t lived in the district since early childhood. Those of us who stuck it out, and actually live here, care about our future, and need representation.”

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