Mueller’s Russian collusion trial delayed 90 days

(Daily Caller) Special Counsel Robert Mueller asked a federal judge Tuesday to reject the four-decade-old speedy trial law in the case against 13 Russians and three Russian companies and has asked for a 90-day delay in his Russian collusion case. The defendant, Concord Management and Consulting, joined in his request, filing a joint motion.

Judge Dabney L. Friedrich, a Trump appointee, accepted the request, granting “that the period of period May 23, 2018 to August 28, 2018 is excluded for purposes of Speedy Trial Act calculations.” Friedrich had rejected an earlier request from Mueller without comment and ordered the case to go forward. The Speedy Trial Act is a 44-year old federal law that dictates that a federal criminal case must begin within 70 days from the date of the indictment.

The “complexity” of the case warrants excluding the speedy trial law and delaying the trial, the joint motion argued in Tuesday’s court filing.


Surprise outcome for Iowa 4-H LGBT coup

Exhibitor with cows at 4-H Fair (Photo: Cornell University)

Exhibitor with cows at 4-H Fair (Photo: Cornell University)

After a major campaign to impose controversial LGBTQ policies on the state’s 4-H youth program – including the admission of biological males into female restrooms, locker rooms, showers and overnight accommodations, as well as mandatory use of exotic transgender pronouns – those in charge of Iowa’s 4-H program now say they will not be adopting the transgender guidelines after all.

The dramatic turnaround comes after Christian public-interest law firm Liberty Counsel challenged the proposed policy guidelines on multiple legal grounds and demanded that Iowa State University, which administers 4-H in the state, reverse course or face litigation. Liberty Counsel, in turn, become involved as a result of WND’s investigative efforts, having published a series of exclusive reports on this below-the-radar movement – first in Idaho, and later in Iowa. The WND reports reveal a largely unpublicized, multi-pronged, state-by-state movement to impose highly contentious transgender policies on the nation’s 4-H rural youth organizations – policies similar to those that have caused major battles over their implementation in the U.S. military and which directly led to a national boycott of Target Corp.

In a strongly worded 2,600-word letter dated April 20, Liberty Counsel demanded that Iowa State University respond by May 21 and affirm its agreement to end its planned LGBT coup in the state’s 4-H program, or the law firm would “take additional action to prevent irreparable harm to the rights of our clients.”

Just prior to the May 21 deadline, WND reached out to the letter’s main recipient, John-Paul Chaisson-Cárdenas, Iowa 4-H youth development program leader at Iowa State University, but received no response. However, on Tuesday, May 22, Liberty Counsel’s senior litigation counsel Mary E. McAlister confirmed to WND that she had “received a telephone call from the general counsel for Iowa State University who said that the USDA guidance had been posted for comments, the university received comments and did not adopt the guidance. He said he did not anticipate that they would adopt it.”

Attempting to obtain written confirmation of that conversation, McAlister emailed ISU’s general counsel, Michael Norton, restating in writing the substance their phone call (“You indicated that the guidance has not been adopted by the university and you he do not anticipate that it will be. Please let me know if this recollection of our call does not comport with your understanding”), and received no response, which McAlister is taking as de facto written confirmation that the campaign to adopt the LGBT “guidance” is dead.

‘A radical political position on human sexuality’

The original document laying out the controversial LGBTQ “guidance” intending to transform 4-H has largely disappeared from the Internet. It was posted on the official website of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which sponsors 4-H, as well as various state university extension and other websites, until the first publicity occurred, when the document virtually vanished from public view. However, WND captured the original source document before then and has preserved it here.

The document, after starting off by defining terms such as “polysexual” and “intersex,” goes on to mandate that “4-H, including all paid and volunteer personnel, as well as youth members, will use pronouns and names consistent with a transgender or intersex individual’s gender identity.”

It further stipulates that, at any time during participation in 4-H, both youth members and adult leaders may “assert a gender identity that differs from previous representation.” In other words, a biological male may claim he’s female and vice versa. Such assertion needn’t be supported by “medical diagnosis” or legal “identification documents.” Nevertheless, once the assertion is made, accommodation – from overnight housing to pronoun usage – must be met.

Accommodation requirements apply to restrooms, locker rooms, overnight lodging and athletic teams, in all of which individuals must be allowed access based on their chosen gender identity. These accommodations must be met even if others experience “discomfort” as a result. Perhaps most controversially, “4-H shall ensure nondiscrimination to provide transgender and intersex individuals equal access to programs and activities,” even in circumstances when the youth member’s family or guardian “raise objections or concerns” over their child’s decision to request such transgender accommodations.

In Liberty Counsel’s letter demanding the Iowa State University Extension Service immediately cease its planned imminent adoption of the radical LGBTQ agenda, McAlister wrote: “The [LGBTQ] Guidance is discriminatory, unconstitutional, and without legal authority. It makes a number of unscientific and false claims regarding issues of sexuality, and takes a radical political position on human sexuality. It misstates the law regarding protected classes, and falsely adds ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity or expression’ or ‘transgender’ status to those classes affirmatively recognized by federal and state law, and by fiat, elevates them above statutorily protected classes of biological ‘sex’ and ‘religion.’”

Other key points from the letter:

It is not “discrimination” for 4-H program participants to continue using correct (as opposed to false) gender pronouns. Government may not force others to call a person something he or she is not, nor to force others to assent to a lie, in matters of conscience, religious belief, and biology. …

It is not “discrimination” to maintain longstanding sex-appropriate accommodations for males and females, based on legitimate, unchangeable biological differences between the two sexes. It is not “discrimination” to respect safety and privacy rights based on biological sex; nor is it “discrimination” to respect parental rights to control the associations of their minor children; and maintain safeguards against child sexual abuse or voyeurism, whether by adults or other youth. …

Because sex-based accommodations are based on legitimate biological differences between males and females, it follows that a person’s physical biology must dictate which accommodations are appropriate in the 4-H program. Accommodations for biological females logically should be reserved for biological females, not biological males, and vice versa. 4-H has long adhered to this straightforward and logical demarcation.

Regarding one of the most controversial aspects of the 4-H transgender accommodation policies, Liberty Counsel noted that no “transition,” no “sex reassignment surgery,” no hormones – nothing except an individual’s subjective statement that he or she feels like the opposite gender – is required to allow that person to share bathrooms, showers and overnight accommodations with children of the opposite sex.

Although the battle against the “trans-formation” of 4-H appears won in Iowa for the time being,  the radical LGBTQ campaign continues in other states.

McAlister, comparing the imposition of the radical LGBTQ agenda on 4-H to what has become of the Boy Scouts, told WND: “The Mormon Church has pulled out of the Boy Scouts because of their departure from their original mission, and 4-H’s core constituency could do likewise if 4-H insists on social activism that puts children at risk.”

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Sen. Cruz chides media for ignoring pro-gun student survivors

David Hogg (YouTube screenshot)

David Hogg (YouTube screenshot)

After his Florida high school was attacked in February by a deeply troubled student, David Hogg became an instant celebrity as he and many of his fellow students demanded more gun control in countless major-media interviews and at demonstrations and other public events.

Not so with the survivors of the school shooting last week in Santa Fe, Texas, near Houston, in which 10 people were killed and another 13 were injured.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, believes the reason “CNN and other media outlets aren’t giving these students the kind of wall-to-wall coverage” given to the Parkland, Florida, shooting is that there is general support for the Second Amendment in Texas.

In an interview with the Daily Signal, Cruz said the Santa Fe students “told him they don’t believe more gun control is the way to make schools safer.”

See the interview:



Cruz described the Santa Fe shooting as “horrific” and said school and church shootings are something new to society that have become too common.

“Something’s wrong. When we were kids, this wasn’t a part of going to school,” he said. “You might worry about getting a black eye at school or something, but you didn’t worry about someone, some lunatic coming in and shooting and murdering as many people as they could. That was not part of school.”

But there are solutions, he said, and he heard some good ideas in his conversations with Santa Fe students.

“It was really striking. Out of a dozen students who just hours earlier had been in this shooting, every one of them said the answer is not gun control. They said, don’t take our guns. They said if you take our guns, it won’t make us safer, it will just mean the killers and murderers have guns,” he said.

“A lot of the students there said, ‘Well, maybe more metal detectors in schools. Maybe more armed police officers in schools, so that you’re able to stop something like this when it happens.’ Several of the students brought up that they thought teachers should be able to be armed,” he continued.

Cruz noted the contrast in the media’s response to the Parkland students and the Santa Fe students.

“CNN, after the Parkland shooting, it was round-the-clock coverage of the students calling for aggressive gun control because that happens to be the political agenda of most of the media. In this case, where the students aren’t calling for that, suddenly … the media isn’t interested in covering it,” he said.

Cruz said that in addition to metal detectors and more officers, other options include cutting down on the number of entrances and exits, so that access to schools is more difficult.

“I also think that there’s a lot more we can do going after violent criminals. Inevitably, people say, ‘We’ve got to do something.’ That’s right, we do have to do something. But we need to do something that works. The proposals from Democrats, of taking away the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens, they don’t work,” he said.

Places with the strictest gun control, he said, “almost inevitably” have “among the highest crime rates, the highest murder rates.”

“It’s actually what the students told me … is true, that when you disarm the law-abiding citizens, then it means the criminals are the ones that have guns.”

And Cruz said following existing laws will help.

He cited the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in November.

“It was already contrary to federal law for that gunman to have a firearm. He had a felony conviction, a domestic violence conviction. But the Obama administration never reported his conviction to the background check database, so it was never in the database,” Cruz noted.

He pointed out that the Sutherland Springs shooting is another the media tend to leave alone.

“Because what stopped that shooting was another citizen. Stephen Willeford, law-abiding citizen, lived a block away from the church, who heard about it, ran over barefoot with his AR-15 and engaged the gunman. And ultimately saved many, many lives. … Often what stops a bad person is a good person with a gun,” Cruz said.

“But that’s not what the media wants. They want to ban firearms for law-abiding citizens. If you want to stop violent crime, focus on the criminals.”

NBC News did quote Santa Fe student Alex Carvey saying guns are not the problem.

“I think people are the problem,” she said.

Her comment contrasted to the immediate aftermath of the Parkland shooting, “when student survivors kicked off a national call for tougher gun control laws on social media and in street protests.”

The Santa Fe students pointed out that laws already prohibited the shooter from having a gun.

WND also reported a Pew Research poll found the divide between conservatives in what political pundits call “flyover country” and the left on the coasts is widening.


Mueller’s media contacts to be public by September

Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller

Thousands of government documents that should reveal the details of special counsel Robert Mueller’s contacts with the media – even though that may seem unusual since he’s running a secret investigation – now are scheduled to become public by early September.

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan Thursday gave the government until Sept. 4 to provide thousand of documents that already have been identified under a Freedom of Information Act case.

Washington watchdog Larry Klayman of FreedomWatch sued to obtain access to Mueller’s communications with the media, and the hearing was to respond to his request for the documents.

The government had wanted to start producing a stack of responsive documents in July and then provide about 1,000 pages a month until the project was done, possibly long into 2019.

The government lawyers confirmed there are about 9,000 pages at issue.

And they pointed out the roadblock has been that the special counsel’s office has “to look at everything before it goes out the door.”

The judge said he’s sensitive to the fact there are limited resources, but the documents already have been identified.

“The final date for production will be September the 4th,” he stated.

Klayman told WND it was a good result, even though it would have been better to have them earlier.

The documents on Mueller’s contact with media will come from the special counsel’s office, the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Klayman had filed with the federal court a document contesting the government’s plan “to drag out and slow roll production of documents, which by any stretch of the imagination cannot be exempt under FOIA” because they “concern communication with the media.”

He suspects they “are likely to reveal grand jury leaks and other improper disclosure of information by the special counsel in its Russian collusion and related investigations.”

“The public has a right to have these documents timely, not a year or years from now, well after the fact,” Klayman argued. “They will likely show improper leaks of grand jury and other information and even bear on a related case before your honor.”

Klayman filed the lawsuit, which followed a FOIA request, against Mueller and his staff, “who are alleged to have illegally leaked grand jury information to damage the president, his family and associates, have thus far been untouched by the inept and inert Justice Department, run by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who appears afraid that he himself may be indicted by Mueller for alleged Russian collusion and obstruction of justice.”

Klayman’s response was to an admission from the government that Mueller’s office alone has found more than 9,000 potentially responsive pages of information about leaks to the media. The government then proposed not producing anything until mid-July and then producing them “periodically.”

Klayman, who served with the Department of Justice, had warned: “Freedom Watch is not afraid and is doing the job of my former alma mater, which has regrettably become the ‘Department of Prosecutorial Misconduct and Injustice.’ I will not rest until Robert Mueller and his partisan leftist prosecutors are removed and replaced with an honest and ethical special counsel and staff, who will not abuse their authority for political purposes, but instead expeditiously conduct and conclude this Russian collusion investigation on the merits before more harm is done to the nation.”

His lawsuit, filed in federal court in Washington, is against Mueller, the DOJ and the FBI.

Klayman had asked for “any and all documents and records … that refer or relate with regard to communications to and from the media, domestic and foreign, concerning the activities of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and/or his staff as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, concerning the investigation of alleged Russian collusion and related matters concerning the Trump presidential campaign and the Trump transition team with the print, Internet, social media and radio and television networks.”

He previously filed complaints with the Department of Justice’s Office of Professional Responsibility and inspector general demanding an investigation into allegations of incessant criminal grand jury leaks by Mueller and his staff, as well as their conflicts of interest “as Democrat partisans bent on destroying the Trump presidency.”

The agencies ignored his requests, so he filed suit asking a federal court to order that OPR and IG proceed with the ethics investigation.

Klayman’s activism has spanned decades.

He sued the National Security Agency and won in district court. He sued to get Barack Obama’s birth certificate. He sued Hugo Chavez on behalf of torture victims. He sued journalists. He sued the Taliban and al-Qaida. He sued Cuba and won a multimillion-dollar judgment. He sued to get then-President Obama deported.


Gorka to Trump: Cancel Obama admin’s security clearances

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan

Former Trump administration official Dr. Sebastian Gorka is urging the president to take decisive action against Obama administration officials involved in conducting surveillance on the Trump campaign and to release as much information on those efforts as possible.

Gorka, also the author of the forthcoming book “Why We Fight: Recovering America’s Will to Win,” is also applauding President Trump’s decision to cancel the summit with North Korea and believes this shows exactly what kind of a leader Trump is.

Recent, widespread reports indicate that the FBI enlisted an informant to make contact with Trump campaign officials in an effort to investigate – or instigate, as Trump alleges – the connection between the Trump campaign and Russian efforts to meddle in the 2016 campaign.

“It’s the worst political scandal in American history. What we have is one administration deciding that they can spy on another presidential candidate and his campaign for purely political reasons. For more than a year, people laughed when the president said, ‘I was surveilled.’ Now we know that not only was he surveilled, they put covert assets into his campaign,” said Gorka.

Gorka says Trump needs to respond boldly.

“Right now all the key personnel from the last administration must be stripped of their security clearances. The idea that (former CIA Director) John Brennan is feeding Russian propaganda lines on national television and still has his security clearance is absurd,” said Gorka.

He says security clearances should also be revoked for others involved in Operation Crossfire Hurricane, including former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former FBI Director James Comey and 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Gorka says transparency should also be on Trump’s short list.

“Now we have to see every document associated with Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the illegal political espionage operation authorized by the Obama administration. All those documents must be declassified and the president can do that at the stroke of a pen,” said Gorka.

Gorka is also pleased to see Trump back away from the scheduled June 12 summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un. In a letter to Kim, Trump said he was canceling the meeting because of North Korea’s “openly hostile” language in recent statements.

“North Korea has everything to lose. We have nothing to lose,” said Gorka, who says this episode exhibits the same leadership and negotiation skills that Gorka saw during his time at the White House.



“You see a man who is decisive. He knows what he wants. He’s results oriented. He cares about this country. He’s a pragmatist and a patriot,” said Gorka.

Gorka says Trump’s move to scrap the summit should come as no surprise to anyone who read Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal.”

“In chapter two, he states unequivocally (to) never, ever be so wedded to any deal so that you can’t walk away at any point. That’s exactly what the president did.

“This is a man who isn’t interested in empty pablum or nice pieces of paper to wave at you. He isn’t an individual who looks at the world through ideological filters. He wants results. When he doesn’t get them, he’ll walk away,” said Gorka.

So what happens next in the effort to rid North Korea of nuclear weapons? Gorka says China will play a key role in determining just how badly the U.S.-led sanctions strain the Kim regime financially and possibly lead to an even better deal.

He also believes the days of the Kim regime are numbered.

“This is the great paradox of all dictatorships. They’re very powerful at the top. They deny individual liberties. But at the end of the day, they’re also highly vulnerable because of the denial of human of liberty that they are founded upon. So this is not a regime that can last forever,” said Gorka.

While crippling economic sanctions and a robust military brought North Korea to the brink of denuclearization, Gorka believes the same results will be more difficult to achieve with Iran due to the Islamist mindset of its leaders.

“At the end of the day, the North Korean dictatorship is evil but they’re rational. When you’re dealing with a theocracy like Iran, there are individuals at the top, amongst the mullahs, who do not think in rational terms. Several of them believe in the occultation of the ‘Hidden Imam’ and actually think ideas like apocalypse are a good thing.

“The question in Iran is who is in ascendance, the less rational individuals or the more rational individuals? If it’s the latter, then we can probably see some positive results coming out of Tehran as well,” said Gorka.


Jury rejects Planned Parenthood claims against pro-liferl


Abortion industry insiders have often cited the case against John Ryan, accused of making terror threats, when they have argued for buffer zones or other special protections for their business locations.

They want, after all, to keep opponents of their work away from their customers.

But those citations were premature: A jury now has acquitted Ryan of claims made by a Planned Parenthood employee.

This week eight women and four men on a jury in Missouri state court found Ryan not guilty of charges that he had made a terrorist threat.

The jury deliberated only an hour before clearing Ryan.

It was the second jury to clear him, since a grand jury earlier refused to bring charges, and the prosecutor had to manipulate the paperwork so the case could continue.

The charges arose when Casey Spiegel, a Planned Parenthood employee at a clinic on Forest Park Avenue in St. Louis, claimed Ryan told her at the entrance to Planned Parenthood’s parking lot on Dec. 31, 2016, that there were seven bombs in the building.

Police immediately arrested Ryan and held him for two days before he was released on bond.

The Thomas More organization explained: “The prosecuting attorney for the city of St. Louis filed felony charges against Ryan, accusing him of making terrorist threats. A St. Louis grand jury refused to indict Ryan, at which point, on April 7, 2017, prosecutor Kim Gardner’s office used a legal maneuver by refiling the case with ‘information,’ which is a process used to bypass the grand jury.”

Ryan said Planned Parenthood and prosecutor Kim Gardner’s office “branded me a felony terrorist 17 months ago, and that is permanently imprinted on the Internet forever.”

“Yet I am grateful to the Thomas More Society and a jury that saw through these lies and deliberated only an hour to acquit me,” he said.

The society pointed out the unproven allegations against Ryan “were cited repeatedly by sponsors and supporters, including Planned Parenthood, of the board of aldermen’s so-called ‘buffer zone’ bill, which would have kept sidewalk counselors and protesters opposing abortion a set distance away from the driveway into Planned Parenthood’s parking lot and building.”

Brad Blake, special counsel for the Thomas More Society who represented Ryan, said a video of the encounter clearly reveals that the abortion worker “had zero reaction when Mr. Ryan … was speaking to her.”

“This criminal charge, with its attendant bond restrictions that keep John away from the Planned Parenthood facilities, succeeded in muzzling him and depriving him of his First Amendment rights to use the public sidewalk, as he had for years previously, to voice his pro-life message. This deprivation of his free speech rights was based on bogus allegations by Planned Parenthood that were then advanced by Prosecutor Kim Gardner’s office,” he said.

Blake charged that the prosecutor was not seeking justice but was seeking to persecute Ryan, especially since the grand jury said there was no evidence, and he passed a polygraph test.


Proof! ‘No firewall’ between Hillary’s State, Foundation

Hillary Clinton (Photo: Twitter)

Hillary Clinton (Photo: Twitter)

The Washington-watching American Center for Law and Justice has confirmed it will be getting “thousands” of documents connecting the State Department and the Clinton Foundation during the time that Hillary Clinton was secretary of State for Barack Obama.

“We have just uncovered a stunning revelation about the extent to which the Clinton State Department colluded with the Clinton Foundation,” the organization confirmed this week.

“Despite what Hillary Clinton told the American people, there was no firewall.”

The organization long has been pursuing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the “Deep State Department” over details of Hillary Clinton’s tenure.

It was during that time she set up and ran a private email server that was unsecured for classified national secrets.

It was during that time Benghazi happened, and more.

Now the ACLJ has revealed it has learned the State Department as found “and will be forced to turn over to the ACLJ – literally thousands of documents to and about the Clinton Foundation, its subsidiaries, and its senior operatives.”

The latest documents to have been released, more than 330 pages, have been posted online.

The ACLJ reported that the volume of information that has been discovered, some 30,000 emails alone, “debunks the specious assertion that there was any kind of firewall whatsoever between Clinton’s State Department and the Clinton Foundation.”

Instead, they show “extensive communications exchanged between Clinton or her senior staff at State Department and Doug Band – a senior aide at the Clinton Foundation and creator of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).”

The problem is that as a senior official in the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton should not have been favoring her own family foundation with even information.

“In recent court filings, the State Department has revealed that more than 8,700 documents exist in Cheryl Mills’ and/or Huma Abedin’s files which contain the single search term, ‘Doug Band.’ It is possible, and indeed likely, that each document consists of several pages placing the number closer to 18,000 pages or more,” the ACLJ speculated.

Mills and Abedin were top aides for Hillary Clinton.

And, the ACLJ said, it also has learned another 22,000 documents exist in Cheryl Mills’ and Huma Abedin’s files (not including attachments) mentioning or referring to the Clinton Foundation or a related term referencing the foundation.

The result is “overwhelming evidence of the corruption that occurred within the State Department during the time Hillary Clinton served as secretary of State.”

And they show she “intentionally lied” to America and misled the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during her confirmation hearings, the report said.

After all, that was when she promised “complete separation” between the interests of State and the benefits for her foundation.

The reality was, however, the ACLJ said, that “Band served as a liaison for Clinton donors looking for favors and official acts from the Clinton-run State Department.”

The evidence shows that if a foundation donor “needed help with a visa application in light of a prior criminal conviction or experienced complications with international travel, they contacted Doug Band and, within minutes of receiving their request, Doug Band would forward the request/favor to Huma Abedin or Cheryl Mills.”

Sometimes, even government employees looking for Clinton contacted Band for a response, the report says.