Democrats claim cover-up, but can’t find a crime



WASHINGTON – It’s the kind of crazy scenario that only Washington could invent: Democrats are now accusing the president of covering up a non-crime.

The good news for President Trump is that the Russia collusion scandal appears to be dying because there is no evidence.

The bad news is, an obstruction of justice scandal is just heating up, even though there was no apparent wrongdoing or collusion by his team with Russia.

And now, with the Democrats pushing the bizarre notion there was a cover-up, even if there was no crime, one of the nation’s top political minds says there is only one way to stop the endless cycle of attacks on the administration: switch from defense to offense.

Writing in National Review, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy suggests President Trump should flip the script on his inquisitors in three bold moves that would turn Democrats from hunters into the hunted:

  • Appoint a special counsel to investigate political spying, including unmasking and leaks to the media.
  • Have Congress hold hearings on whether the Obama Justice Department colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.
  • Have Congress hold hearings on collusion between the Clinton Foundation and Russia.

McCarthy contends those investigations could succeed where the Trump-Russia collusion investigation failed, because, unlike the latter, there is evidence of actual wrongdoing.

What follows in an explanation of how Washington has gotten to the point where Democrats are now accusing the president of covering-up a non-crime.

Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy

When former CIA Director John Brennan testified before the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday that he did not know of any evidence of collusion, coordination or conspiracy between Trump and the Russian government, that made it virtually unanimous.

As WND has reported repeatedly, top Democrats have all admitted investigators have not found any evidence of any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign or administration.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who serves on the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence committees, said twice that she had seen no such evidence. Other Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee have said they don’t expect to find any evidence of collusion.

Fierce Trump critic Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, has had to admit there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Obama’s own former director of national intelligence, James Clapper, as well as former acting CIA Director Michael Morell, have said they have seen no evidence of collusion between the Trump team and the Russian government.

Brennan’s testimony pretty much completed the circuit. Even more so, because his testimony did explain how the whole investigation into Russia began in July 2016, without any evidence.

Essentially, the former CIA chief said he saw no signs of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. But he saw some contacts. And he was worried that might lead to collusion. So the Obama administration spied on the Trump team and had the FBI launch an investigation.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif

“I know what the Russians try to do,” testified Brennan. “They try to suborn individuals and they try to get individuals, including U.S. persons, to act on their behalf, either wittingly or unwittingly.”

“And I was worried,” he continued, “by a number of the contacts that the Russians had with U.S. persons and so, therefore, by the time I left office on Jan. 20, I had unresolved questions in my mind as to whether or not the Russians had been successful in getting U.S. persons, involved in the campaign or not, to work on their behalf, again, either in a witting or unwitting fashion.”

McCarthy wrote, “That’s a weasel’s way of saying he’s got nothing.”

Nonetheless, Brennan then concluded, “And so, therefore, I felt as though the FBI investigation was certainly well-founded and needed to look into those issues.”

Rush Limbaugh saw that, and Brennan’s entire account, as an admission of political spying by the Obama administration.

On his radio show Wednesday, the talk-show giant said, “When you read between the lines of what Brennan was saying these past couple of days, it sounds to me like Brennan acknowledged they were spying on the Trump campaign and individuals in it.”

Limbaugh thought the former CIA director inadvertently admitted to that spying because, “in all the double-talk that Brennan was using, he said that there was no evidence of any collusion, but there was a basis to start a CIA-FBI investigation. Now, what would the basis be if there’s no evidence?”

The talk-show host believes the Obama administration actually used a joke by Trump on July 27, as the basis to launch the Russia investigation.

“When Trump publicly cracked that joke asking the Russians for help in finding Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails, I actually believe these humorless, dryball people really, really, in their minds and hearts really believed that Trump was asking the Russians is to hack Hillary’s server to find her emails, and that got them started,” asserted Limbaugh.

“There’s no evidence, but there’s a basis, I think that’s the basis, one of them, for this whole investigation.”

Trump and reporters

And that lack of evidence brings the story back to the Democrats’ current dilemma of a scandal without a crime.

That lack of evidence of Russian collusion, now admitted by virtually all top Democrats, has put them in a bind. Their supporters think there is evidence of Trump collusion with the Russians, thanks to a steady stream attacks on the president by the mainstream media. And they expect Trump to suffer consequences.

In fact, 59 percent of Democrats actually believe Russia hacked the November vote to give Trump the election, according to an Economist/YouGov poll, conducted from May 20-23.

That number is notable in light of the fact given that both the FBI and NSA have debunked the notion that the Russians affected the election outcome in any way.

But Democratic Party voters sure got that impression somewhere. And Democrats are now under pressure to deliver on a scandal for which they have admitted there is no evidence.

Left-leaning political analyst Glenn Greenwald saw that coming two months ago and warned, “Key Democratic officials are clearly worried about the expectations that have been purposely stoked and are now trying to tamp them down. Many of them have tried to signal that the beliefs the base has been led to adopt have no basis in reason or evidence.”

He warned, “Many Democrats have reached the classic stage of deranged conspiracists where evidence that disproves the theory is viewed as further proof of its existence, and those pointing to it are instantly deemed suspect.”

Last week, Democrats began a public and coordinated effort to dampen expectations and to quash talk of impeachment.

The New York Times reported “liberal activists are courting a backlash of their own as they demand of their lawmakers nothing short of driving the president from office by any means necessary.”

The paper said Democratic officials fear they will invite a backlash “for overpromising about what was possible.”


So, with a base clamoring for the president’s head but no evidence of a scandal, Democrats have switched tactics. They are accusing the president of obstructing justice, even if it’s by allegedly trying to cover-up a non-crime for which there is no evidence.

As Byron York wrote Monday: “The Trump-Russia case could become the ultimate illustration of the old Washington saying that it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up. In this case, there might be no underlying crime at all.”

York recited all the innuendo that had recently made Washington Post headlines: that Trump had fired Comey because of “this Russia thing”; that Comey now claims to believe Trump tried to get him to call off the investigation; that Trump asked the director of national intelligence and the head of the National Security Agency to help “push back” against the FBI investigation and to “publicly deny the existence of any evidence of collusion during the 2016 election.”

All of this has morphed into the new media narrative of obstruction of justice, even if Trump was allegedly trying to stop a probe into a non-existent scandal. The lack of evidence no longer matters. It’s the appearance of obstruction that is driving the new story line.

“[N]ow, after the Comey sacking,” York explained, “the investigation has taken what is for Trump a more ominous turn. Focusing on alleged obstruction, the president’s enemies no longer have to find an underlying crime on his part to attempt to remove him from office.”

Former FBI Director James Comey testifies before a House committee Sept. 28, 2016.

Former FBI Director James Comey testifies before a House committee Sept. 28, 2016.

York concludes: “More and more, day after day, Trump’s adversaries believe that, when it comes to bringing down the president, it might not matter if collusion occurred or not. A cover-up would be enough to do the job.”

McCarthy also makes those points in his National Review article on Wednesday. But the former federal prosecutor also offered a way to fight back.

“Merely calling Democrats out on this farce is not going to end it,” he wrote, adding that he had three suggestions:

First, the Justice Department should appoint a special counsel to investigate the potential abuse of government surveillance powers for the purposes of political spying and leaks to the media. The investigation should scrutinize all unmasking of Americans to determine whether it conformed to court-ordered restrictions. The president should immediately announce that he is ordering U.S. intelligence agencies to cooperate fully. He should add that he is willing to declassify forthwith relevant reports and the identities of officials involved in the unmasking of Americans – with the caveat that important intelligence secrets will be safeguarded. It should be made clear that any official who had access to classified information that was leaked to the media should expect to be summoned for grand-jury testimony about his or her handling of it.

Second, the appropriate committees of Congress should convene hearings on whether the Obama Justice Department sought to influence the outcome of the 2016 election, and whether it colluded with the Clinton campaign toward that end. The committees should examine, compare, and contrast the Justice Department’s treatment of the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information and destruction of tens of thousands of government files, versus its treatment of the investigation of suspected collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The review should include such matters as whether an effort was made by Obama-administration departments and agencies to downgrade the significance of classified information found on Mrs. Clinton’s servers, while a simultaneous effort was being made to inflate the significance of suspected Trump ties to Russia.

Third, the appropriate committees of Congress should convene hearings on collusion between the Clinton Foundation and Russia, focusing especially on payments by Russian interests to Bill Clinton and to the foundation, and actions taken by then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton that benefited Russia (including approval of the sale to a Kremlin-tied energy company of major U.S. uranium assets). The committees should compare and contrast the concrete evidence of Clinton Foundation collusion with Russia versus unproved suspicions of Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

McCarthy emphasized that such extreme measures were needed because, “Democrats are not fighting for advantage. They are fighting to annihilate their opposition – not just the Trump administration but the Republican Congress. It is not enough to say they are not fighting fair. Everyone knows that.”

He concluded with a warning: “You either fight back against this sort of thing or you get rolled over by it.”


This day in WND history: Newsweek clams up on U.S. flag in trash

NewsweekFlagTrashNewsweek clams up on U.S. flag in trash

May 25, 2005: While Newsweek was featuring Hollywood actors on its Feb. 2, 2005, cover and hyping the upcoming Oscars, readers of the Japanese edition were treated to a cover showing the U.S. flag in a garbage can and a headline reading “Dream On, America.”

The feature on “the world’s rejection of the American way of life” didn’t appear in U.S. editions and, despite multiple calls from WND, did not appear to be something Newsweek was anxious to explain.

According to a translation on a blog site, a precede to the story read: “Although Bush calls for an ‘expansion of freedom,’ the world is not yearning after the ‘country of freedom,’ the United States, any longer. New evidence of a decline of the United States in every sphere has been confirmed.”

“It’s one thing for Newsweek to actively promote the notion that America is a ‘dead,’ ‘rotting’ country overseas,” wrote another blogsite. “But it’s quite another thing indeed to hide those efforts from its American readers. If Newsweek really think America is dead, and our flag belongs in the trash, why won’t it tell us?”

View the full story

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U.S. lacks ‘strategy’ for successful conclusion to Afghan war

U.S. soldier in Afghanistan

U.S. soldier in Afghanistan

Barack Obama took over the war against terrorists in Afghanistan, triggered by the 2001 Islamic terror attacks on the United States that killed nearly 3,000 people, deploying tens of thousands of additional American troops under extreme rules of engagement.

It’s become, at nearly 16 years, the longest armed conflict in U.S. history.

Then Obama told the terrorists exactly when  U.S. troops would be withdrawn. And although he adjusted his plans over time, he fulfilled his commitment, eventually leaving behind a small number of Americans to train and advise Afghan military and police.

The result is the presence there of American forces, supplemented by NATO teams, that are “necessary, but not sufficient, to deliver lasting stability in the region,” according to a Congressional Research Service report described in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

“To date, the United States has yet to develop and implement a joint strategy with the Afghans for bringing the war to a successful conclusion,” the CRS said in a response to the Trump administration’s proposal to send more ground troops to Afghanistan and broaden the mission.

If the U.S. doesn’t take action, the report suggested, Afghanistan could “once again descend into chaos” and ultimately harm U.S. national security.

“Such a vacuum might enable terrorist groups – including, but not limited to al-Qaida and the Islamic State – to plan and launch attacks against the United States and its allies.”

The report concluded an “influx of additional forces might therefore be better able to monitor, if not manage, terrorist groups and other threats using Afghanistan and the region as a safe haven.”

It was Gen. John Nicholson, the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, who told Congress earlier this year that there weren’t enough American operators in the country to break the “stalemate” that developed under Obama.

Congress, the report said, will have to play a role in plans to send additional troops.

“The United States and allies initially drove the Taliban from power and largely destroyed al-Qaida’s ability to plan and execute terrorist attacks from Afghanistan,” the report said.

When Obama came into office, he almost immediately sent tens of thousands of additional soldiers, then almost as quickly “announced that the United States would begin withdrawing its forces by 2011,” the report said.

Shortly after that, terror groups began regaining territory. The report said the national government, supported by the U.S., now controls only 60 percent of the nation.

For the rest of this report, and more, please go to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.


‘I Am Israel’ – a thrilling film reveals a nation reborn


For thousands of years, it seemed the prophecy was a lie.

Nothing grew in the land. The great monuments and buildings had become ruins. And the very people who comprised the nation were exiles wandering around the globe.

But God never lies, and His word is true. And He proved it with the return of the Jewish people to Israel, now a living miracle in the Middle East.

A thrilling new film, “I Am Israel,” directed by David Kiern, shows how the Jews are returning to their biblical homeland and “making the desert bloom.” Featuring interviews with Israelis from all walks of life, from cowboys, to tour guides, to artists, it is an intimate look at the most fascinating nation in the world.

Indeed, from a secular point of view the country has no business existing.

“I think we have a privilege of seeing with our own eyes the words of the Book materializing and becoming a reality,” Rabbi Yehuda Glick says in the film. “In the history of mankind, there has never been a nation that left its homeland and returned to its homeland, not after 2,000 years!”

The film is narrated by well-known actor John Rhys-Davies, beloved for his portrayals of the curmudgeonly dwarf Gimli in the “Lord of the Rings” films and Indiana Jones’ sidekick Sallah. The Hollywood star’s baritone is a perfect accompaniment to the grandeur of the setting and the magnificence of the story.

“For nearly two millennia, the promised land of the Bible was a barren wasteland,” says Rhys-Davies in the film. “Its archeological ruins a reminder of its glorious history. Its people scattered throughout the four corners of the world. But towards the end of the 19th century, things began to change. A new wind began to breathe through this land. There is a prophecy in the Bible about God returning a valley of dry bones to life. Many believe this prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes.

“Today, the nation of Israel is experiencing a dramatic renaissance never before seen in human history. In a land that was barren for nearly 2,000 years, life is bursting forth. Acres of vineyards and olive groves are transforming rocky mountains. From every nation on Earth, Christian tourists are coming here by the millions, fulfilling their dreams of walking in the very places where their Savior walked. And most miraculously of all, Israel is once again becoming the home of the once scattered Jewish people. Over the last century, they have returned here by the millions – from the north, south, east and west. We are living in the times spoken of long ago – the times when this nation would be reborn.”

One of the main themes of the film is how welcoming Israel is to tourists, guests and pilgrims. And 2017 is an especially auspicious year for the Jewish state.

  • June 7, 2017, will be the 50th anniversary of Israel’s retaking of its capital city of Jerusalem.
  • Nov. 29, 2017, is the 70th anniversary of the U.N.’s approval of the plan that returned Israel to statehood after a dispersion that lasted nearly 1,900 years.
  • Nov. 2, 2017, will be the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Balfour Declaration of the United Kingdom’s pledge to seek the reformation of the Jewish state in the region of Palestine.

For that reason, the 2017 WND Israel Tour, led by Joseph and Elizabeth Farah, is shaping up to be the most exciting ever. Indeed, Joseph Farah calls the regathering of Israel “God’s greatest miracle of modern times.”

As one Israeli notes in the film, there were only about 60,000 Jews in what is now Israel at the turn of the last century. Today, there are more than 6 million.



Experience the miracle. It’s one of the most important anniversaries in Israel’s history – and this will be an experience unlike any other. Fulfill the dream of generations by embarking on a pilgrimage to Israel. Join us on the 2017 WND Israel Tour led by Joseph Farah. It’s a life-changing experience – and, more than ever, one you can’t afford to miss!

Johnathan Rosenburg, an Israeli cowboy interviewed in “I Am Israel,” who served in the Israeli Defense Forces, says Jews all around the world are hearing the call to return to their biblical homeland, partially because of rising anti-Semitism.

“We have less people than most armies, but because of people’s love for this nation, they fight with so much more passion,” he said of the army in which he served. “We’re not going out of the offensive to attack other people. But if we get attacked, we’re going out.

“There’s definitely something happening, whether it’s in Europe or whether it is in the states. People my age, the younger kids, especially a lot of kids in college, are getting a lot of hate. There’s a lot of anti-Israel in it. It’s definitely breeding a new love and a new calling for people to come to Israel. There’s been an abundance of people from where they felt comfortable to come out here and start a new life. There’s something out there. There’s something in the air that’s changed. It’s definitely having a big effect on kids wanting to come out and join the IDF, or coming to live in Israel itself and, you know, ‘git r’ done.’”

Another Israeli interviewed speaks about the impact of learning the Bible in the very places where the prophets walked and where the great events took place.

“We can just look around and place the stories exactly where it happened, because it is just so close,” she said of her home.

The 2017 WND Israel Tour provides an opportunity to do just that, if only temporarily. And as the film “I Am Israel” shows, Israel is nothing less than a living miracle in the world today. Speaking of Israel’s success in reintroducing agriculture, vineyards and olive groves into the area, one Israeli marveled in the film, “The land came back to herself, it’s like a dead man that came back to life.”

“To me Israel is the best proof God exists and is still acting in our world,” he continued. “I don’t think you can find better proof.”

Artist Alex Levin, another Israeli featured in the movie, invites Christians to his country.

“I want to invite to Israel not just Jews, but also Christians, because this is a place that wants to embrace all of the people from all over the world,” he says.

God Himself, as Scripture says, always is focused on Israel and on one city in particular.

“In all of the Bible, there is but one city where God promised His eyes and His heart will always be – Jerusalem,” Rhys-Davies says in the film. “Established by King David as Israel’s eternal kingdom and revered throughout history as the spiritual heart of the world, Jerusalem has been the focus of more conflict, and more joy, than any other city in history.”

For thousands of years, visiting this sacred city, and the Holy Land, was out of reach for Christians. Today, this year, you can be in Jerusalem and experience the miracle of Israel with the best touring group imaginable.

“I Am Israel” is available for viewing below:


And once you’ve seen that, go to WNDIsraelTour.com so you can witness how God is working in the world today. The tour takes place Nov. 2-12, 2017. And if you want to be a part of the next chapter in the remarkable story unfolding in Israel, your time to sign up is running out.

Joseph Farah issued a challenge, “See this movie and tell me why you’re not going to Israel with us in November.”

Experience the miracle. It’s one of the most important anniversaries in Israel’s history – and this will be an experience unlike any other. Fulfill the dream of generations by embarking on a pilgrimage to Israel. Join us on the 2017 WND Israel Tour led by Joseph Farah. It’s a life-changing experience – and, more than ever, one you can’t afford to miss!



Non-Western immigrants use 59% of Denmark’s tax money

(DAILYWIRE) — The flow of refugees into Sweden has made that once idyllic country a mess. Police have set up “no-go zones” they deem too dangerous to go into, famed feminists have abandoned cities, where refugees flock, and the number of rapes has skyrocketed.

Now it turns out that neighboring Denmark is also suffering dramatic effect from the deluge of refugees into that country.

“A recent study conducted by Denmark’s Ministry of Finance concluded that in 2014, immigrants and their descendants cost Danish taxpayers at net loss of 28 billion Crowns per year,” according to the National Economics Editorial. That’s $42 billion.


Twitter suspends news agency for Seth Rich report

Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich reportedly sent 44,053 internal DNC emails to WikiLeaks before he was gunned down in while walking home from a bar in the wee hours of the night on July 10, 2016.

Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich reportedly sent 44,053 internal DNC emails to WikiLeaks before he was gunned down in while walking home from a bar in the wee hours of the night on July 10, 2016.

Twitter, whose founder has expressed regret that his organization’s advocacy for free speech in any way may have contributed to Donald Trump’s election as president, on Wednesday suspended for 12 hours WND.com’s account for a headline tweet on Donna Brazile’s involvement in the scandal developing over the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Rich died in a gun attack in Washington, D.C., last July, and several individuals have commented that he was, or likely was, the source of DNC insider emails that were turned over to WikiLeaks and published on the Internet just as now-twice failed Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was lining up her party’s nomination.

The tweet was “Bombshell: Donna Brazile warned off private eye on Seth Rich murder…”

Former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile

Former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile

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On Wednesday, Twitter sent a message to WND with the tweet, and a button to click for deletion. “If you feel that your account has been locked in error, you can appeal by contacting our support team here,” the company said.

Another message stated: “We’ve temporarily limited some of your account features.”

“What happened? We have determined that you have violated the Twitter Rules, so we’ve temporarily limited some of your account features. While in this state, you can still browse Twitter, but you’re limited to only sending Direct Messages to your followers – no tweets, retweets, or likes. Your account will be restored to full functionality in: 11 hours and 10 minutes.”

The company declined to comment when asked by a WND reporter, except to ask which account was being referenced.

A WND company official confirmed the tweet was deleted per the company’s instructions.

The news story was about a hot political controversy sweeping Washington these days,  about how a private detective revealed it was former Democratic National Committee interim chairwoman Donna Brazile who was the high-ranking DNC representative who allegedly called police and the family of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich and demanded to know why a private investigator was “snooping” into the case.

The detective, Rod Wheeler, told WND, “The high-ranking DNC official that called the police after I inquired about Rich’s case was Donna Brazile. Why shouldn’t I reveal who it was?”

Brazile, who was also a CNN contributor and a Hillary for America donor at the time, was caught providing Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton with questions that would later be asked of Clinton at a televised CNN town hall. In an interview with Fox News before the election, Brazile denied leaking the questions to Clinton. But in a March 17, 2017, column for Time magazine, she finally admitted doing so, saying it was a “mistake I will forever regret.”

Get the hottest, most important news stories on the Internet – delivered FREE to your inbox as soon as they break! Take just 30 seconds and sign up for WND’s Email News Alerts!

A spokesman for the Rich family has repeatedly criticized detective Wheeler, who was hired by Rich’s family in March to find the DNC staffer’s murderer, for not ruling out the possibility that Rich may have leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks. The Rich family recently sent Wheeler a “cease and desist” order to stop his investigation into the murder.

As WND reported, Rich was murdered July 10, 2016, near his affluent neighborhood in Washington, D.C. He was shot in the back with a handgun at 4:18 a.m. while he walked home, and nothing was taken from him. He was transported to a local hospital and was pronounced dead at 5:57 a.m. On July 22, just 12 days after Rich’s death and days before the Democratic Party Convention in Philadelphia, WikiLeaks released 20,000 emails from DNC officials.

Wheeler said in several interviews last week that a federal investigator has elaborate details about Rich’s connection to WikiLeaks and is a credible source.

While the Twitter rules don’t address news stories about high-profile public figures and high-profile public scandals, it appears there were no violations under the company’s trademark, copyright, graphic content, unlawful use, Twitter badges, abuse, violent threats, harassment, hateful conduct, account abuse, private information, impersonation, self-harm or spam restrictions.

However, the rules are open-ended in several categories so that if a politically influenced employee was offended, they could push the button.

Interestingly, anti-Shariah activist Pam Geller reported, also on Wednesday, that Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder and still a board member, “went on a snark attack against President Donald Trump – a prolific tweeter, if there ever was one – and outright apologized for helping the former businessman reach the pinnacle of power, the White House.”

“In an interview with the New York Times, he said his organization was intended to give everyone a chance to engage in the free exchange of thoughts and ideas. But apparently, he now feels he created a monster – that the free exchange offered Trump, and by logical extension, Trump supporters, has just gone too far.

“And he’s not gonna take it any more.”

She reported the Indian Express wrote, “Twitter co-founder Evan Williams … apologized for making Trump’s presidency possible. Williams, who still is a member of Twitter’s board of directors, in an interview … said the purpose of his organization was to give everyone a chance to have free exchange of information and ideas.

“‘I thought once everybody could speak freely and exchange information and ideas, the world is automatically going to be a better place. I was wrong about that,’” the report quoted him saying.

The report continued, “He further went on to apologize in case the microblogging website played a role in getting Trump elected 45th president of the United States. ‘It’s a very bad thing, Twitter’s role in that. If it’s true that he wouldn’t be president if it weren’t for Twitter, then yeah, I’m sorry,’ he said.”

Trump has openly credited social media for his success.

“Without the tweets, I wouldn’t be here … I have over 100m followers between Facebook, Twitter [and] instagram. Over 100 million. I don’t have to go to the fake media,” he said.