Arab writers explain why Israel is superior

Full moon over Jerusalem, Israel

Full moon over Jerusalem, Israel

The Western world long has recognized the superiority of Israel among governments of the Middle East, its democracy, citizen representation, human-rights record, science, art, education and economy, reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

Now writers in Arab publications in the region say they agree.

The Middle East Media Research Institute found that in recent months, several Arab writers “have published articles in the Arab press discussing why Israel is superior to the weaker Arab states.”

“The reasons, they said, lie in Israel’s strong and effective judicial system that tackles corruption in the country, even investigating and prosecuting leaders and senior officials who have transgressed, while corruption is rampant in the Arab countries and the regimes silence all those who call for integrity,” MEMRI said.

“Other reasons they gave are that Israel is a democracy and respects the will of its citizens and voters, and that over the years it has invested a great deal in education, science, health, and technology,” says a review of such contributions by

“The writers went on to call on their countries to learn from Israel – to develop their judicial systems and a democratic form of government, to stop repressing citizens, and to invest in education. If they do not do so, they added, the Arab countries will be left even farther behind.”

One of the commenters was Reda Abd Al-Salam, a former government of Egypt’s Al-Sharqiya province.

Now a lecturer at Mansoura University in Egypt, he lashed out at the “primitiveness and tyranny” of Arab nations, compared to the “education, health, science, and technology” in Israel.

Without any effect, he said, the current generation and many before them have prayed: “Allah, punish the sons of apes and pigs, so they will not escape you; Allah, expel them, Allah, show me the wonders of Your might by [punishing them].”

“Our forefathers were born, and we were born and grew up and become old and grey, and we still reiterate this supplication to Allah in Friday sermons, with flowing tears,” Salam said. … “But what have we accomplished [with this]? Has Allah answered our millions of supplications? Have we seen the wonders of Allah’s capabilities in carrying out judgment against the sons of Zion and the sons of apes and pigs, as we plead again and again in our prayers? No, not at all – the result has been great disappointment and shame for the Arab leaders, since the opposite happened! Allah has done the complete opposite: It is the Arabs and Muslims who have been torn to shreds and expelled, and through whom Allah has revealed his signs.”

He fretted that Israel is becoming more advanced while “it is surrounded by decrepit Bedouin who fight each other, and feverishly race to the bottom and atrophy in every area.”

“How long will we keep our heads in the sand or stop up our ears and listen only to sorcerers, to idiots in power, and to the mouthpieces [of the regimes] of hypocrisy [as we have been doing] for decades? How long?! To put it bluntly, let the numbers speak for themselves: since they are the best expression of progress and backwardness, and with them we will understand why Allah has not answered our supplications of millions of Arabs and Muslims for 60 years, but has instead done the complete opposite [of what we ask] – the Zionists have advanced and the Arabs and Muslims have been left behind.”

For the rest of this report, and more, please to go Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.


Christian school banned by city and Supremes let it happen

U.S. Supreme Court in 2017 (Wikipedia)

U.S. Supreme Court in 2017 (Wikipedia)

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a case in which a Michigan township changed its zoning laws to prevent a Christian school from entering the community.

“This is a deeply disappointing decision, not only because of what it means for our clients, but because it will embolden other cities and towns across the country to keep religious organizations from contributing to their community,” said Hiram Sasser, general counsel to First Liberty, which represents Livingston Christian Schoolin the case against Genoa Charter Township.

“We are extremely disappointed the Supreme Court will allow this terrible precedent to stand.”

For a case to be heard, it must have the support of at least four justices.

The decision came after the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled it isn’t a burden on religious exercise for a “city to use its zoning laws to prevent a religious school, church, synagogue, or mosque from moving into town.”

At the time of the 6th Circuit ruling in 2017, Sasser warned that letting the decision stand would endanger churches and religious institutions.

The case developed in 2016 when Livingston found a new location on the property of Brighton Church of the Nazarene.

The local planning commission approved the plan, the community supported it and even experts summoned by the township were in favor.

Then the town council rejected the application.

First Liberty said at the time the township “threatened the survival of the school as a religious institution because, as the record demonstrates, the school has no viable alternative location.”

Sasser said the city refused to let the Christian school move to the church “or, for that matter, anywhere else in town” despite the fact “federal law expressly prohibits the government using zoning laws to keep religious institutions out of their town.”

Livingston had been operating in nearby Pinckney, but it needed more room, and the facility it was in became unaffordable, the legal team said.

“They found only one viable option. LCS entered into an agreement with Brighton Church of the Nazarene to lease one of its buildings to house the school.”

But the plan went down in flames when the township board rejected the presence of the school “anywhere within Genoa Township,” the team said.

Principal Ted Nast said the school already had lost students because of the town’s opposition, and its survival was in doubt.

See what American education has become, in “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children.”


Surge in those who see bad in internet


The internet-using population in America largely has viewed the web as a positive not only in their life, but for society overall, for a long time.

But the foundation of that belief just developed a huge crack.

Pew Research Center reports that all of a sudden, the percent of those who say there is both good and bad online has exploded from its previous 8 percent to 14 percent.

And virtually all of those who changed their minds came from the percentage that previously believed it to be mostly good, since those who say it specifically is a bad thing actually dropped, from 15 percent to 14 percent.

“This shift in opinion regarding the ultimate social impact of the internet is particularly stark among older Americans, despite the fact that older adults have been especially rapid adopters of consumer technologies such as social media and smartphones in recent years,” the report said.

“Today, 64 percent of online adults ages 65 and older say the internet has been a mostly good thing for society. That represents a 14-point decline from the 78 percent who said this in 2014.

“The attitudes of younger adults have remained more consistent over that time: 74 percent of internet users ages 18 to 29 say the internet has been mostly good for society, comparable to the 79 percent who said so in 2014,” the report said.

Viewing the web in the perspective of their own lives, 88 percent now say it’s a good thing, 5 percent (up from 3 percent) say it’s a mix of good and bad, and five percent say it’s bad.

“Americans have grown somewhat more ambivalent about the impact of digital connectivity on society as a whole,” the report said.

“College graduates are more likely than those with lower levels of educational attainment to say the internet has had a positive impact on society (and less likely to say it has had a negative impact). Among online adults with a college degree, 81 percent say the impact of the internet on society has been mostly good and just 7 percent say it has been mostly bad. By contrast, 65 percent of those with a high school diploma or less say the internet has had a mostly good impact on society, and 17 percent say its impact has been mostly bad,” the report said.

The positives include easier access to information, although about 20 percent are connected only by smartphone, and connecting with other people.

Among those who think it’s bad, fake news, false information, its impact on children and encouraging illegal activity all were mentioned.

Also, people worried about private information being accessed.

And, the survey said, “It is also notable that 15 percent of Americans indicate that they have neither broadband service at home nor a smartphone.”

The information comes from telephone interviews Jan. 3-10, 2018, of 2,002 adults, 18 years of age or older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

Five hundred of the interviews were on land lines, the rest on cell phones.


Limbaugh reveals bigger scandal from Correspondents Dinner


Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh Monday revealed the “real ‘scandal’” of the weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner – not the one about the “horrible and crude, not funny hatefest conducted by so-called comedienne.”

Monday’s reports were filled with reaction, and comments, about Michelle Wolf’s diatribe at Saturday night’s event.

But her star was quickly fading as revulsion to her insults grew.

No matter, explained Limbaugh, that’s not the real scandal.

The real one is that the organization honored CNN and a couple of its reporters for writing about the “dossier” last year. That’s the political opposition research document that apparently contains made-up claims about President Trump.

It reportedly was used by Obama supporters in the Department of Justice to launch the investigation into the so-called “Russian collusion” issue now under the watchful, and unsuccessful so far, eye of special counsel Robert Mueller.

“The real news of the evening is that the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Association gave reporters Jake Tapper, Jim Sciutto, Evan Perez, and Carl Bernstein an award for their January 10th, 2017, report on the Steele dossier,” Limbaugh said.

“You know the story. Hillary Clinton, as in a work of art, commissions this thing as opposition research. She hires Fusion GPS, which then hires a law firm to make the payment to wash the money so that it’s not traceable back to Clinton. And they hire this Christopher Steele guy to go out and make up a bunch of garbage about Trump for the express purpose of using it as so-called legitimate intelligence on Trump that is designed to drive down public opinion on Trump so as to make it easy to get rid of him!” he explained.

“So the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Association gave Jake Tapper, Jim Sciutto, Evan Perez with be and Carl Bernstein an award for their January 10th report on the dossier, 2017. Now, we now know, folks, that their report was nothing but dictation from James Clapper.”

Clapper at the time was director national intelligence for Obama, and Limbaugh described him as “a left-wing hack. He is a partisan hack.”

The reporters “knew what they thought they knew” simply because Clapper leaked it to them, he said.

“Worse than that, it was all part of a calculated setup to give CNN a news hook so that they could start reporting on the Steele dossier and make it public. The Steele dossier had been known for months. It was floating around Washington, and everybody knew what it was. And everybody knew that it was unverified, uncorroborated. Everybody in the media knew that none of it could be established to have happened, none of it could be proved, none of it could be verified. But the media wanted it in the public domain,” Limbaugh explained.

“How to do that? CNN needed a news hook. A news hook is a reason to report on it aside from its contents. You couldn’t report on the details ’cause none of it was verified. So they needed a way to get this thing known by the American people. The way this happened, James Clapper essentially told Comey to go brief Trump on the existence of the dossier.”

Comey does Clapper’s bidding and Clapper “leaks to CNN” that the briefing has taken place.

Of course, Clapper had to lie about tipping off CNN, and gets caught, and then after President Trump is sworn in, CNN hires Clapper, he pointed out.

“It’s that January 10th story after Comey informed Trump and Clapper leaks to CNN that Comey’s told Trump, the White House Correspondents’ Association gives four reporters at CNN the big award of the year for uncovering a gigantic news story involving the Trump dossier.”

He charged, “This whole thing was a setup. When you look at the timeline of things that happened, it is obvious to anybody with even half a brain that Comey briefing Trump on the dossier was a setup designed – and set up by Clapper – designed to get the dossier into so-called mainstream news cycles, thereby bringing it to life.”

“This is like giving an award to a stenographer taking dictation, because that’s exactly what these reporters did,” Limbaugh scorned.

And he confirmed that in the 253-page House Intelligence Committee report on the issue there is confirmation that “Clapper not only leaked information about the infamous Steele dossier and high-level government briefings about it to CNN … he also may have lied to Congress about the matter.”

Limbaugh explained what makes it the “real scandal” is that “There is no scandalous information about President Trump! To this day the dossier remains unverified and uncorroborated. There’s not a word of truth in it.”


Missile strikes in Syria cause earthquake

(AP) — A missile attack on government outposts in northern Syria killed more than a dozen pro-government fighters, many of them Iranians, a war monitoring group and an Iranian news agency said Monday. The strikes came amid soaring tensions between regional archenemies Israel and Iran.

There was no official confirmation of the death toll or what was the target. The Sunday night strikes sparked speculation on who carried it out, with most reports suspecting Israel was behind it.

Syrian state TV called it a “new aggression on military positions” in Hama and Aleppo provinces but was not specific. Activists said there was a spectacular explosion at an arms depot and military compounds where Iranian fighters are based. The explosion was large enough to be picked up by monitors as a magnitude 2.6 earthquake.


Stormy sues Trump again over ‘con job’

(NBC) — Adult film star Stormy Daniels has filed a defamation suit against President Donald Trump for a tweet that said a forensic sketch of a man who allegedly threatened her in 2011 was “a total con job.”

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, claims she had a sexual encounter with Trump in 2006 and was warned by an unidentified man to keep quiet about it five years later, after she gave an interview to a gossip magazine.

Earlier this month, Clifford worked with a forensic artist to create a sketch of the man she says accosted her in a Las Vegas parking lot, told her, “Leave Trump alone. Forget the story,” and ominously suggested something bad could happen to her.


Pope tweets: ‘Let’s ban all weapons’

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Pope Francis took to Twitter Sunday to offer his prescription for “peace”: “Ban all weapons.”

The head of the Roman Catholic Church tweeted: “Do we really want peace? Then let’s ban all weapons so we don’t have to live in fear of war.”

The tweet left many people wondering: Did he mean nuclear weapons? Firearms? Anything that can be used as a weapon?

However, the pope never indicated exactly what specific type of weapons he’d like to see banned. His tweet merely stated “all weapons.”

The tweet was liked more than 90,000 times and retweeted at least 20,000 times. But many people criticized the idea as too general, overly idealistic and even hypocritical.

“Devout Catholic here,” tweeted Karl Zimmerman, “but honest question, if the Pope really wants this, will he lead by example and order the Vatican security to lay down their own arms?”

The Vatican is guarded by the Pontifical Swiss Guard, a military force made up of former Swiss soldiers and established in 1506 under Pope Julius II. The Pontifical Swiss Guard is armed with traditional firearms – pistols, rifles and even submachine guns. They also carry pepper spray and halberds, or ax-like weapons mounted on long poles.

Twitter user P’Challa speculated that Pope Francis must have been referring to nuclear weapons in his tweet.

“I don’t think walls and guards are what the Pope refers to as weapons that can result in war,” he wrote. “Nuclear warheads on the other hand …”

Others weighed in with their own opinions of banning “all weapons,” if, in fact, that’s what the pope intended to propose.

“With all due respect Pope Francis,” tweeted Sass, “What a ridiculous thing to say! I’m sure EVERY bad person out there would have NOOOOO problem with an unarmed world! Weapons aren’t the problem, lack of humanity and morals are. You might start there.”

Bowhunter_Va added: “Speaking as a devout Catholic, I would like to remind you that the sword was a[n] assault weapon during biblical times. MY God expects me to defend myself and my family against all evil. Only good people comply with gun bans, not evil people.”

And what about the horrors committed against people who have had no weapons to defend innocent lives?

“Apparently you’ve forgotten about all the genocides that have taken place around the world when people are unable to defend themselves,” tweeted gebringsgoodthings.

Twitter user Victrey called for a better definition of the term “weapon” in the pope’s tweet.

“That would have been wonderful if ‘weapon’ was clearly and specifically defined,” he wrote. “If guns are removed, kitchen knives are also weapons, knives removed, then it’s broken bottles. Peace is not gotten from removing materials; it’s gotten from fixing men’s hearts.”

Razor noted that the real problem is as old as time: “Man is fallen and full of sin. Cain will kill Abel as long as there are rocks.”





Trump can take Nobel Peace Prize, S. Korea says

(AP) — South Korean President Moon Jae-in has shaken off a suggestion that he receive the Nobel Peace Prize, saying that U.S. President Donald Trump “can take the Nobel prize” as long as the Koreas receive peace in return.

Moon made the comment Monday in response to a suggestion that he receive the award by the widow of late South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000 after a summit with then North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

Moon held a summit with current leader Kim Jong Un last week in which Moon and Kim, the son of Kim Jong Il, walked together across the tense border and agreed to a raft of initiatives meant to ease animosity. Moon responded to the suggestion of Nobel glory by saying, “President Trump can take the Nobel prize. The only thing we need is peace,” according to the South’s presidential office.


Teen accused of ‘cultural appropriation’ for wearing Chinese gown

Keziah Daum, an 18-year-old student in Utah, tweeted photos of herself with friends before her senior prom. Some accused her of cultural appropriation because she wore a traditional Chinese dress (Photo: Keziah/Twitter)

Keziah Daum, an 18-year-old student in Utah, tweeted photos of herself with friends before her senior prom. Some accused her of cultural appropriation because she wore a traditional Chinese dress (Photo: Keziah/Twitter)

Keziah Daum, 18 (Photo: Twitter)

Keziah Daum, 18 (Photo: Twitter)

A teenager is being ridiculed online and accused of cultural appropriation because she dared to wear a traditional Chinese dress to her prom.

Keziah Daum, an 18-year-old student in Utah, tweeted photos of herself with friends before her senior prom on April 22.

The teen wore a fiery red and gold qipao, a classic Chinese gown from the 17th century.

Daum’s photos triggered an angry response from Twitter user Jeremy Lam, who retweeted the images with the comment, “My culture is NOT your g-ddamn prom dress.”

Lam continued to blast Daum for wearing the gown, saying it represents “extreme barriers marginalized people within (Chinese) culture have had to overcome.”

He tweeted, “For it to simply be subject to American consumerism and cater to a white audience, is parallel to colonial ideology.”

(Photo: Keziah/Twitter)

(Photo: Keziah/Twitter)

Keziah Daum, 18 (Photo: Twitter)

Keziah Daum, 18 (Photo: Twitter)

Some critics agreed with Lam’s assessment and condemned Daum’s decision to wear the dress.

“Was the theme of the prom casual racism?” asked Twitter user .kate.

“Nope, it’s just a dress,” Daum replied.

Then Jeannie chimed in: “This isn’t OK. I wouldn’t wear traditional Korean, Japanese or any other traditional dress and I’m Asian. I wouldn’t wear traditional Irish or Swedish or Greek dress either. There’s a lot of history behind these clothes. Sad.”

Others argued that the teenager was simply showing her admiration for the Chinese culture.

Siqi Chen told Lam: “You don’t speak for my culture. My culture had to go through too much actual bulls–t to be this sensitive and authoritarian about what other people want to wear. F— that. Wear whatever you want whenever you want.”

Kim Kham added: “I think that dress is very well made and looks good on you. I’m definitely not offended. Appreciating another culture is a compliment to me.”

Twitter user Wang Ke agreed: “I am Chinese. … [I] just wanted to tell you: thank you for loving Chinese culture and choosing this beautiful dress for the day! It looks so great on you! You are the most charming one in the photo! have a great day!”

Then Steven Wang shared his own observation: “Chinese wear suits, too. Don’t know what the fuss is about.”

Daum later responded to the critical tweets by explaining that she loved the dress when she found it in a vintage shop and was “simply showing appreciation” for Chinese culture by wearing it.

“I’m not deleting my post because I’ve done nothing but show my love for the culture,” she tweeted. “It’s a f—ing dress. And it’s beautiful.”


It’s not the first time accusations of cultural appropriation have been leveled at young women in the U.S. over their fashion choices.

As WND reported, white women at Pitzer College in Claremont, California, were accused of cultural appropriation in March 2017 because they wore hoop earrings. Hoop earrings date back to ancient Rome, Greece and ancient Sumerian culture. The classic ear accessories have been particularly popular among American women of every race since the 1960s and 1970s. Still, a group of Latina students spray-painted a message to the women who wore hoop earrings: “White girl, take OFF your hoops!”

(Photo: Facebook/Alegria Martinez)

(Photo: Facebook/Alegria Martinez)

When a white student asked questions about the spray-painted “art” message, Alegria Martinez, member of the “Latinx Student Union” emailed the following message to the entire student body, according to the Claremont Independent:

[T]he art was created by myself and a few other WOC [women of color] after being tired and annoyed with the reoccuring [sic] theme of white women appropriating styles … that belong to the black and brown folks who created the culture. The culture actually comes from a historical background of oppression and exclusion. The black and brown bodies who typically wear hooped earrings, (and other accessories like winged eyeliner, gold name plate necklaces, etc) are typically viewed as ghetto, and are not taken seriously by others in their daily lives. Because of this, I see our winged eyeliner, lined lips, and big hoop earrings serving as symbols [and] as an everyday act of resistance, especially here at the Claremont Colleges. Meanwhile we wonder, why should white girls be able to take part in this culture (wearing hoop earrings just being one case of it) and be seen as cute/aesthetic/ethnic. White people have actually exploited the culture and made it into fashion.

Martinez also posted the following message to Facebook, in which she added: “White girls everywhere: we ask that you take off your hoops, stop calling each other mamis, and start respecting our culture and our existence.”



Netanyahu: ‘Secret files’ prove Iran lying about nukes

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

In a live broadcast Monday from Tel Aviv, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented evidence from 10 “secret nuclear files” obtained by Israeli intelligence that “prove” Iran lied “big time” about its nuclear weapons program.

“The Iran nuclear deal is based on lies and deception,” he declared.

Netanyahu said Iran “continues to lie,” noting that just last week, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said, “We never wanted to produced a bomb.”

“Yes, you did. Yes, you do.” Netanyahu said.

The Israeli leader noted President Trump will make a decision by May 12 regarding whether to resume sanctions against Iran that were removed as part of the Joint Plan of Action agreement the United States, under President Obama, and five other nations signed with Iran in 2015.

“This is a terrible deal. It never should have been concluded,” Netanyahu said.

“I’m sure he’ll do the right thing,” he said of Trump. “The right thing for the United States. The right thing for Israel and the right thing for the peace of the world.”

The files, Netanyahu said, “conclusively prove that Iran is brazenly lying when it said it never had a nuclear weapons program.”

The mullah-led regime, he emphasized, has “intensified its efforts to hide its nuclear files.”

In 2017, it moved the nuclear files to a “highly secret location” in Tehran.

“We can now prove that Project Ahmad was a comprehensive program to design, produce and test nuclear weapons,” the prime minister said.

Israel obtained 55,000 pages of records and another 55,000 files on 183 CD, he said, that included documents showing Iran is developing ballistic missiles capable of holding five warheads that each have the capacity of a Hiroshima-sized bomb.

The “incriminating” documents, photos and videos, he said, have been shared with the U.S., which had verified their authenticity.

Already, he said, Iran has ballistic missiles with a range of 1,200 miles, capable of reaching Riyadh, Tel Aviv and Moscow, “but they are working on far, far greater ranges.”

Trump and Netanyahu have said any agreement with Iran must address Iran’s support for jihadists in the region and its development of long-range ballistic missiles.

The two leaders also want to eliminate provisions in the current agreement that expire over the next decade.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Monday on his website the time when Iran’s enemies can “hit and run” is over.

“They know if they enter military conflict with Iran, they will be hit multiple times,” he said.