Felons key to Dems’ voting-majority strategy



Take a look at all the participants at the Democratic National Convention this year: Democratic politicians, actors, musicians, teachers, lawyers, interest-group representatives, trade unionists and non-profit officials.

Add to that a frequently laudatory media, and it sometimes feels like Democrats have already won over the vast majority of the country in their campaign to install Hillary Clinton in the White House.

“It’s amazing – Democrats are kind of like a boxer who gets into the ring with 10 friends against one opponent,” said Daniel Horowitz, a senior editor at Conservative Review. “They’ve got the media, they’ve got the corporate America, in addition they have academia, and they have the entertainment world. All the NGOs, nonprofits support their left-wing causes.

“And yet still they seem to have failed to garner a permanent majority in this country.”

Part of this, in Horowitz’s view, stems from the unpopularity of the Obama presidency. He believes Democrats are concerned that they won’t have enough votes to push themselves over the top in swing states in future elections.

“That is why they figure if you can’t win with the electorate you have, let’s replace the existing electorate,” Horowitz, author of the new book “Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges From Transforming America,” told WND. “That is why they’re releasing a lot of felons.”

Indeed, there seems to be a rush to grant felons who have completed their sentences the right to vote. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat signed such a bill in April, granting 206,000 felonious Virginians the right to vote in one of the most important swing states in the country.

This was a shot that didn’t hit, as the state Supreme Court reversed his decision only a few days ago.

Approximately 206,000 Virginia felons were affected by McAuliffe’s April 22 order. But the court ruled, 4-3, the move unconstitutional. It ordered that the Virginia Department of Elections “cancel the registration of all felons who have been invalidly registered” since McAuliffe issued his order.

McAuliffe is a long-time member of the Clinton inner circle. His background includes service as chairman of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, then serving as a fundraiser and national co-chairman of Clinton’s reelection campaign, and later becoming campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton’s first run at the White House. In 2000, McAuliffe also served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, holding that position for five years.

His attempt to stack the deck came two months after the Maryland state legislature pushed through a measure to allow recently released felons still on parole or probation to vote.

In fact, according to the ACLU, only nine states remain in which all convicted felons do not have the right to vote upon completion of their sentence.

In California, where the voting rules are already lax, the state assembly voted in May to allow convicted felons to vote in jail.

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Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., even introduced a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives that would prohibit states from “disqualifying individuals convicted of criminal offenses, other than individuals convicted of murder, manslaughter or sex crimes, from registering to vote or voting in elections for federal office.”

Democrats have good reason to want felons to vote, as a recent survey found seven in 10 convicted felons register as Democrats.

The Obama administration joined the action by releasing nearly 20,000 criminal illegal aliens back onto U.S. streets in 2015.

In fact, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., recently said the Obama administration was working to release a total of 70,000 felons from federal prison even without the help of a new act of Congress.

“It’s not a coincidence, by the way, that many of the recent felons that have been released by Obama’s Department of Justice, they were in the state of Texas,” Horowitz said. “This is part of the movement to turn Texas [Democrat].”

Horowitz pointed out many of the same figures behind the infamous Gang of Eight immigration bill, such as La Raza, the AFL-CIO and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, also support the current “criminal justice reform” push that would release thousands of felons back onto America’s streets. Criminal justice reform is a political ploy, according to Horowitz. He urges Republicans not to fall for it, believing it is about compassion.

“The end goal always is to create a permanent Democrat majority,” Horowitz warned. “What Republicans have to ask themselves is why would they pay for the rope to hang themselves and give it straight to the Democrats?”




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