Facebook censors filmmaker’s political posting

Then-Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

Then-Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

Facebook employees tried to censor GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s postings on the social-media site, according to the Fox Business Network, citing unnamed sources.

They may be censoring other Facebook postings, as well, based on their political leanings.

That’s the suspicion of Judd Saul, the director of the documentary film“The Enemies Within,” starring Trevor Loudon.

Saul’s Facebook account was suspended after he linked to a blogpost on Loudon’s website New Zeal that cast doubt on a political candidate’s claim that campaign signs on his property were vandalized with “hateful rhetoric” inspired by Saul’s activist group Patriots for Christ.

The candidate, Chris Schwartz, is a socialist running as a Democrat for supervisor of Black Hawk County, Iowa. Schwartz, a Bernie Sanders supporter, is the state director of Americans for Democratic Action, which is named in “The Enemies Within” as a group being used by communists to influence Democratic Party policies.

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Facebook removed Saul’s post for “violating” the company’s policies and temporarily suspended his account.

WND requested comment from Facebook, but there was no response.

Saul told WND he’s been unable to get more information from Facebook.

He said his suspension is scheduled to end this week.

In “The Enemies Within,” Loudon says there are at least 100 current members of the House of Representatives and 20 members of the U.S. Senate who “could not qualify to obtain a basic security clearance to clean the toilets at any military base in the nation.”

An overview of the film on its website says communists first infiltrated the unions, gaining full control in 1995, then “used the union money and leverage to purge the Democratic Party leadership of moderates and conservatives … replacing them with dozens of union and communist sympathizers.”

“Next, they used their bought-and-paid-for-lackeys in the House of Representatives and the Senate to ram through a radical communist/union agenda. Purported Democrat policies such as ‘green jobs,’ the insane New START Treaty with our so-called ‘partner’ Russia, socialization of student loans, the massive easing of voting qualifications and consequent vote fraud bonanza, mass educational indoctrination, the gutting of the U.S. military, Harry Reid’s Senate ‘nuclear option’ and, of course, both Obamacare and ‘immigration amnesty’ all come directly from the union/communist playbook.”

The movie trailer:



Saul said that even after he and Loudon finished their work on “Enemies Within,” he discovered an orchestrated campaign by Sanders, who unsuccessfully challenged Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. Sanders has launched the Berniecrats Network, a website to promote the local campaigns of candidates who share his socialist views.

The site states: “Being a Berniecrat is not about party affiliation; it’s about the issues. Any candidate to publicly endorsed Bernie (Twitter, Facebook, website, etc.) and supports his platform, qualifies for this list. They don’t have to agree with Bernie on everything, they just have to believe that he was the right person for the job.”

It lists hundreds of names of like-minded political candidates on the local ballots.

Saul said there are thousands of socialist-leaning candidates now seeking to gain power in local school board, city and county races, among others.

The offending blogpost by a contributor to Loudon’s New Zeal website said Schwartz, using the slogan “Bottom-up Solutions for a Common Good,” “dutifully toes the socialist line.”

“Schwartz is campaigning on issues such as refugee resettlement support. He believes that Black Hawk County ‘must help refugee support organizations,’ that the county should support ‘community gardens,’ decriminalize marijuana, and raise the minimum wage. Schwartz is also a supporter of gun control, and has expressed support for the Democrat ‘sit-in’ for gun control for those on the ‘no-fly list,’” the blogpost said.

Patriots for Christ drew Schwartz’s ire when it called him out for referring to the Cedar Valley Pridefest in Iowa as his “biggest accomplishment.”

Schwartz, who identifies as “gay,” responded by calling Patriots for Christ a “hate” group.

He claimed that the “hateful” Christian group and its rhetoric led “to his house being vandalized.”

But the New Zeal blogger “smells a rat.”

“Hate crime hoaxes are common on the left. Since they cannot prove their narrative du jour, the radical left simply ‘nudges’ people to accept their narrative by making up ‘hate crimes,’ by staging elaborate hoaxes designed to elicit sympathy for the ‘victim’ and hatred for their ‘oppressor.’”

Sign the precedent-setting petition supporting Trump’s call for an independent prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton!



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