Travel site calls Jerusalem an ‘Israeli settlement’

jerusalem western wall flag

A European reservations website has been listing Jerusalem – recognized by the United States and some other countries as Israel’s capital – as an “Israeli settlement.”

Michael Freilich, chief editor of the Joods Actueel newspaper in Belgium, said, “I thought it was a hoax until I checked it out and saw it with my own eyes.”

He said he had been tipped by a reader about the treatment of Jerusalem by Booking.com.

The Times of Israel reported the company made a correction on Tuesday, acknowledging it to be in Israel, after Freilich wrote the company asking about its characterization.

Booking.com has not responded to Joods Actueel’s query, Freilich told the Times, but fixed the subject of his query within a few hours of his sending the email.

President Trump created an international furor last year when he decided to let take effect a 20-year-old American law that simply designated Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Arab nations erupted in anger and some antagonists even said the move disqualified the U.S. from participating in any peace talks regarding the Middle East.

However, since then several other nations have made the same acknowledgment and a U.S. Embassy facility now is open there, with bigger facilities in the planning stages.

In fact, Israeli sovereignty in the western part of the city is internationally recognized. It is Israel’s control over the eastern part, which the Jewish state annexed in the 1980s, that is disputed by some of the country’s critics.


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