Limbaugh reveals bigger scandal from Correspondents Dinner


Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh Monday revealed the “real ‘scandal’” of the weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner – not the one about the “horrible and crude, not funny hatefest conducted by so-called comedienne.”

Monday’s reports were filled with reaction, and comments, about Michelle Wolf’s diatribe at Saturday night’s event.

But her star was quickly fading as revulsion to her insults grew.

No matter, explained Limbaugh, that’s not the real scandal.

The real one is that the organization honored CNN and a couple of its reporters for writing about the “dossier” last year. That’s the political opposition research document that apparently contains made-up claims about President Trump.

It reportedly was used by Obama supporters in the Department of Justice to launch the investigation into the so-called “Russian collusion” issue now under the watchful, and unsuccessful so far, eye of special counsel Robert Mueller.

“The real news of the evening is that the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Association gave reporters Jake Tapper, Jim Sciutto, Evan Perez, and Carl Bernstein an award for their January 10th, 2017, report on the Steele dossier,” Limbaugh said.

“You know the story. Hillary Clinton, as in a work of art, commissions this thing as opposition research. She hires Fusion GPS, which then hires a law firm to make the payment to wash the money so that it’s not traceable back to Clinton. And they hire this Christopher Steele guy to go out and make up a bunch of garbage about Trump for the express purpose of using it as so-called legitimate intelligence on Trump that is designed to drive down public opinion on Trump so as to make it easy to get rid of him!” he explained.

“So the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Association gave Jake Tapper, Jim Sciutto, Evan Perez with be and Carl Bernstein an award for their January 10th report on the dossier, 2017. Now, we now know, folks, that their report was nothing but dictation from James Clapper.”

Clapper at the time was director national intelligence for Obama, and Limbaugh described him as “a left-wing hack. He is a partisan hack.”

The reporters “knew what they thought they knew” simply because Clapper leaked it to them, he said.

“Worse than that, it was all part of a calculated setup to give CNN a news hook so that they could start reporting on the Steele dossier and make it public. The Steele dossier had been known for months. It was floating around Washington, and everybody knew what it was. And everybody knew that it was unverified, uncorroborated. Everybody in the media knew that none of it could be established to have happened, none of it could be proved, none of it could be verified. But the media wanted it in the public domain,” Limbaugh explained.

“How to do that? CNN needed a news hook. A news hook is a reason to report on it aside from its contents. You couldn’t report on the details ’cause none of it was verified. So they needed a way to get this thing known by the American people. The way this happened, James Clapper essentially told Comey to go brief Trump on the existence of the dossier.”

Comey does Clapper’s bidding and Clapper “leaks to CNN” that the briefing has taken place.

Of course, Clapper had to lie about tipping off CNN, and gets caught, and then after President Trump is sworn in, CNN hires Clapper, he pointed out.

“It’s that January 10th story after Comey informed Trump and Clapper leaks to CNN that Comey’s told Trump, the White House Correspondents’ Association gives four reporters at CNN the big award of the year for uncovering a gigantic news story involving the Trump dossier.”

He charged, “This whole thing was a setup. When you look at the timeline of things that happened, it is obvious to anybody with even half a brain that Comey briefing Trump on the dossier was a setup designed – and set up by Clapper – designed to get the dossier into so-called mainstream news cycles, thereby bringing it to life.”

“This is like giving an award to a stenographer taking dictation, because that’s exactly what these reporters did,” Limbaugh scorned.

And he confirmed that in the 253-page House Intelligence Committee report on the issue there is confirmation that “Clapper not only leaked information about the infamous Steele dossier and high-level government briefings about it to CNN … he also may have lied to Congress about the matter.”

Limbaugh explained what makes it the “real scandal” is that “There is no scandalous information about President Trump! To this day the dossier remains unverified and uncorroborated. There’s not a word of truth in it.”


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