‘Lies’ about 9/11 probe apparently ‘approved by Mueller’


There already is a public campaign to have special counsel Robert Mueller removed from his position – even prosecuted.

Larry Klayman, who founded Washington watchdog Judicial Watch and now is with Freedom Watch, explains, “You know me as the only lawyer ever to have a court rule that a sitting president, Bill Clinton, committed a crime. You also know me as someone who will go the distance and will not let establishment political concerns compromise my actions.”

So his call is to remove from power Mueller “and the despicable and conflicted Obama-Clinton deep-state prosecutors…”

Now there is an eye-opening report at Judicial Watch that explains it was Mueller who apparently “approved” a series of “lies” about a federal investigation of links between a Florida family and the 9/11 terror attack on the United States.

Judicial Watch has reported that the evidence comes from court documents in a long-running cause involving a Saudi family whose members fled their Florida home just days before the terror attack, leaving behind cars, personal belongings, and more.

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The documents, Judicial Watch explains, “further rock the credibility of Russia Special Counsel Robert Mueller because they show that as FBI Director Mueller … worked to cover up the connection between a Florida Saudi family and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The documents reveal that Mueller was likely involved in publicly releasing deceptive official agency statements about a secret investigation of the Saudis, who lived in Sarasota, with ties to the hijackers.”

The report explains a Florida journalism organization called Florida Bulldog found the evidence.

The Bulldog reported it had issued a report in 2011 disclosing the existence of an FBI investigation about the family – and the fact that it had been concealed from Congress.

What followed were statements from “FBI officials in Miami and Tampa” that “sought to discredit the story, asserting that agents had found no connection between the Sarasota Saudi family and the 9/11 plot.”

But, the Bulldog reported, “In fact, the FBI’s own files contained at least three reports that said the opposite: that agents found ‘many connections’ between the family and ‘individuals associated with the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001.’ The FBI released those reports later amid continuing Freedom of Information (FOI) litigation brought by Florida Bulldog,” the report said.

Mueller comes into the picture because he is “referenced in a document index created in late November by the FBI at the direction of U.S. District Judge William J. Zloch of Fort Lauderdale. The index was compiled after Zloch asked the FBI to explain where in its complex file system it had located about 80 pages released earlier in the six-year-old FOI case.”

The Bulldog is trying to unseal records from the 9/11 Commission, a move that also is under way in Congress.

“The index reference to former FBI Director Mueller is contained in an item about a FBI white paper that was written one week after the ‘Bulldog’ and the ‘Miami Herald’ simultaneously published the ‘Bulldog’s’ story about the abrupt departure of Saudis Abdulaziz and Anoud al-Hijji from their Sarasota area home about two weeks before 9/11.”

The index says a report was creatde “to brief the FBI director concerning the FBI’s investigation of 4224 Escondito Circle,” which is where the al-Hijjis lived.

While an FBI reports says it “found no evidence” of a connection, a “Bulldog” lawyer argued in court the fact there was a briefing “suggests that the issues the ‘Bulldog’ raised required the attention of the FBI’s highest authority.”

The “Bulldog” said, “The circumstances further suggest that Director Mueller approved the deception in which the FBI engaged.”

Explained Judicial Watch, “Under Mueller’s leadership, the FBI tried to discredit the story … The reality is that the FBI’s own files contained several reports that said the opposite, according to the Ft. Lauderdale-based news group’s ongoing investigation.

“Files obtained by reporters in the course of their lengthy probe reveal that federal agents found ‘many connections’ between the family and ‘individuals associated with the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001.’”

“Though the recently filed court documents reveal Mueller received a briefing about the Sarasota Saudi investigation, the FBI continued to publicly deny it existed and it appears that the lies were approved by Mueller,” Judicial Watch said.

“Though the mainstream media has neglected to report this relevant development, it’s difficult to ignore that it chips away at Mueller’s credibility as special counsel to investigate if Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election. Even before the Saudi coverup documents were exposed by nonprofit journalists, Mueller’s credentials were questionable to head any probe,” Judicial Watch explained.

Judicial Watch also pointed out it was under Mueller’s leadership that the FBI “bent over backwards to please radical Islamist groups.”

In fact, he “caved” to their demands to purge anti-terrorism training material that Islamists didn’t like, such as references to the repeated terror attacks by Muslims.

“The agency eliminated the valuable anti-terrorism training material and curricula after Mueller met with various Islamist organizations, including those with documented ties too terrorism,” Judicial Watch reported.

Only days earlier, WND reported the Department of Justice was refusing to disclose how much tax money Mueller is spending, further undermining public confidence in his probe of allegations the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

The problem with Mueller’s investigation is that it’s been running a year now, and no evidence of collusion has turned up.

The concealment of the budget was confirmed in a letter from the Department of Justice to Washington watchdog Judicial Watch.

“A search has been conducted in the Special Counsel’s Office and seven pages were located that contain records responsive to your client’s request. We have determined that this material should be withheld in full because it is protected from disclosure under the [Freedom of Information Act],” the Justice Department said.

The DOJ cited provisions for “certain inter- and intra-agency records” that are part of the “deliberative process privilege” as well as claims that those records “could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings.”

The DOJ did not address how knowledge of the budget for the special counsel’s office would have any impact on the investigation or any prosecution.

Judicial Watch explained it is trying to get the information about the investigation into the “surveillance, unmasking and illegal leaking targeting President Trump and his associates during the FBI’s investigation of potential Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election.”

“Special Counsel Mueller’s operation is not above the law,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The American people have a right to know how much taxpayer money is planned for his massive investigation.

Meanwhile, Klayman confirmed he has filed a lawsuit seeking Mueller’s communications with the media.

“Robert Mueller and his staff, who are alleged to have illegally leaked grand jury information to damage the president, his family and associates, have thus far been untouched by the inept and inert Justice Department, run by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who appears afraid that he himself may be indicted by Mueller for alleged Russian collusion and obstruction of justice,” Klayman said.

“Freedom Watch is not afraid and is doing the job of my former alma mater, which has regrettably become the ‘Department of Prosecutorial Misconduct and Injustice.’ I will not rest until Robert Mueller and his partisan leftist prosecutors are removed and replaced with an honest and ethical special counsel and staff, who will not abuse their authority for political purposes, but instead expeditiously conduct and conclude this Russian collusion investigation on the merits before more harm is done to the nation.”

His lawsuit, filed in federal court in Washington, is against Mueller, the DOJ and the FBI.

The action seeks a court order stating the defendants “have failed to make bona fide, good faith determinations about whether they will comply with Freedom Watch’s request” for information.

Klayman, a former federal prosecutor, is seeking “communications by and between the media and the Office of the Special Counsel of Robert Mueller.”

He previously filed complaints with the Department of Justice’s Office of Professional Responsibility and inspector general demanding an investigation into allegations of incessant criminal grand jury leaks by Mueller and his staff, as well as their conflicts of interest “as Democrat partisans bent on destroying the Trump presidency.”

He’s obtained on a petition the signatures of more than 11,000 people who want him named special counsel to investigate the Clintons, Uranium One and Fusion GPS.

He has filed a separate legal action that seeks to remove Mueller as special counsel.




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