Terry McAuliffe sued by Chinese investors

(WASHINGTON TIMES) A group of Chinese investors has filed a lawsuit against Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe accusing him of an immigration scam in the electric car company he helped found — dredging up his past dealings as a businessman and political player as he eyes a possible 2020 presidential run.

Filed last week, the lawsuit from 32 investors says Mr. McAuliffe ran a $120 million scam that tried to entice wealthy Chinese to invest in GreenTech Automotive in exchange for a pathway to U.S. citizenship. The investors said Mr. McAuliffe and Anthony Rodham, brother of Hillary Clinton, promised to exercise their political connections.

“These Defendants — through a labyrinth of corporate fronts — exploited the Plaintiffs’ desire to become permanent residents in our nation by, in sum and substance, making the following offer: invest $500,000 in our electric car company and we will leverage our political connections to ensure you immigration papers will get to the top of the pile, and then be approved,” the lawsuit says. “Better yet, according to Defendants, the investors would quickly recover their capital investments in full.”


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