The WIRE: Your week in review

From war hawks to giant chickens — and most points in between — it’s time for a look back at the week that was. Personal Liberty Digest® presents: The WIRE!

North Korea apparently has made big strides in their quest for membership in the nuclear ICBM club. If only someone had seen this coming.

“Now Kim, promise you won’t use it for weapons.”
“Would I lie to you, imperialist pig-dog?”

Kim’s latest round of saber rattling inspired President Donald Trump to respond in the Trump-iest way possible, with Trump promising “fire and fury” if the North Koreans tried anything stupid.

“Seriously Kim, mine’s bigly-er.”

Democrats bemoaned Trump’s tough talk, claiming it could make North Korea even more of a threat.

For a bunch of buffoons who hit the snooze button on North Korea’s nuke program for eight years, you guys sure are full of ideas now.

Lest we forget: Obama gave Iran a lot more money than Clinton gave the North Koreans.

The Democratic Party: Making dictator’s nuclear dreams come true since 1994!

A recent FBI raid of former Trump assistant Paul Manafort’s residence turned up servers and hard drives which had been smashed with a hammer and wiped “like, with a cloth.” Oh… wait.

Maybe one of these days they’ll find an actual crime.

After firing mid-level engineer James Damore for noting that men and women are different, Google CEO Sundar Pichai justified the lynching termination: “Our co-workers shouldn’t have to worry… each time they open their mouths to speak.”

Unless you’re a white guy who actually knows some science. Then your ass is super-fired!

The day after Google threw Damore under the bus, a number of female employees took the day off citing hurt feelings over the leaked memo’s contents. Women, “triggered” by a memo most of them haven’t bothered to read, reacting in the most stereotypical way possible.

Thereby proving Damore’s point.

The Damore sideshow dovetailed nicely with another high-profile employment kerfuffle this week, giving us all a nice look at the heart of liberal logic: Damore deserved it, but Colin Kaepernick is a victim.

I wonder what’s different about them? I mean, they’ve won the same number of Super Bowls.

Disgraced former Attorney General Loretta Lynch used an alias to email about her infamous election-season “tarmac meeting” with Bill Clinton, a fact which may have been known by reporters from The Washington Post and The New York Times who actively colluded with Democrats to kill coverage of the incident.

Seems like a lot to go through just to “share pictures of your grandchildren.”

A poll which supposedly demonstrated 52 percent of Republicans would back postponing the 2020 election if President Trump proposed it, drew howls of outrage from Democrats. Guess they forgot about how 72 percent of Democrats supported a third term for Barack Obama as recently as last fall.

Life comes at you fast. Even faster when you’re a liberal.

Is it me, or does it look like the snowflakes’ latest protest effort involved all the drugs?

Democrat 1: “Why don’t they take us seriously?”
Democrat 2: “They’re probably racist. Now help me get the giant space chicken inflated.”

The left-wing hate blogger convention Netroots Nation kicks off this weekend! Among the panels, a discussion on how to win the 2018 midterm Congressional elections, featuring — um — failed House candidate Jon Ossoff.

All the people who have actually won elections will be busy.

In a recent interview with Hollywood-megastar James Franco, Princeton University professor Elizabeth Harman declared abortion is cool, because an unborn child “doesn’t have a future as a person and it doesn’t have moral status.”

Not for nuthin’ “professor,” but murder victims rarely have futures. That’s kinda how murder works.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D- OneUnited Bank) said this week that she wouldn’t rule out a black-only breakaway from the Democratic Party.

So it would be separate from the Democrats, but equal? I feel like there’s a term for that.

And that’s your week in review! For the Personal Liberty Digest®, I’m Ben Crystal saying “See you next week, on The WIRE!”

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