Reagan’s Cold War joke

The anti-Russian propaganda mill is working overtime these day as the neocon/warmonger wing of the Republican Party joins with the “progressive,” fascist-sympathizing Hillary Clinton wing of the Democrat Party in agitating for a war with Russia.

It’s not surprising that the neocon warmonger wing of the Republicans are so virulently anti-Russia. The neocons are former socialist descendants of the Trotskyites and Wall Street moguls who funded both sides of the Russian Revolution for profit and exported socialism/communism to Russia. They have made their livings as Russiaphobes and by constantly promoting Russiaphobia through the “fake news” establishment media. But for the radical left, Russiaphobia is a new thing – Hillary Clinton excepted, being that she is and has long been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations; the CFR being composed of the aforementioned former Trotskyites, Wall Street moguls and the titans of the military-industrial complex.

It’s a remarkable turn for the radical left to follow Clinton’s Russiaphobia. It once clamored for Russia appeasement and became apoplectic over Ronald Reagan’s Cold War policy of standing up to the Bear.

It was on August 11, 1984 that Reagan joked about “outlawing” the Soviet Union, sending the left into fits of conniption. The joke was innocent enough, at least for a people with a sense of humor. But this exempted the left then as it does now.

As he prepared his weekly radio address to the nation, Reagan was asked to make a voice check. Reagan did so with the words:

My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.

The voice check didn’t air but it was later leaked in an effort by the Russia-appeasers to embarrass Reagan.

Both the American and foreign left went into high dudgeon following the recording’s release. History.com’s, historical revisionist, who apparently remains hurt by Reagan’s brashness – he calls the joke “a national embarrassment” and  “tasteless” — tells us that:

The president’s flippant remarks caused consternation among America’s allies and provided grist for the Soviet propaganda mill… In Paris, a leading newspaper expressed its dismay, and stated that only trained psychologists could know whether Reagan’s remarks were “a statement of repressed desire or the exorcism of a dreaded phantom.” A Dutch news service remarked, “Hopefully, the man tests his missiles more carefully.” Other foreign newspapers and news services called Reagan “an irresponsible old man,” and declared that his comments were “totally unbecoming” for a man in his position. In the Soviet Union, commentators had a field day with Reagan’s joke. One stated, “It is said that a person’s level of humor reflects the level of his thinking. If so, aren’t one and the other too low for the president of a great country?” Another said, “We would not be wasting time on this unfortunate joke if it did not reflect once again the fixed idea that haunts the master of the White House.”

As an aside, History.com is to history as a politician is to truth and government is to liberty.

Reagan’s tough stance against the “evil empire” stands in stark contrast to favorite son Democrat, so-called “Lion of the Senate” Senator Ted Kennedy’s rapprochement with not only Soviet leadership, but also with the KGB. KGB files show Kennedy had a message delivered to Yuri Andropov, then the general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party, expressing concern Reagan’s anti-Soviet policies in 1983 – during the lead-up to Reagan’s reelection campaign. Kennedy also proposed to help Andropov use the American media to make an end run around Reagan and express the USSR’s peaceful intentions and to have lower-level Soviet officials, particularly military officials, give television interviews to American media to put a pretty face on Soviet policies.

Reagan’s arms race and Star Wars initiatives and his tough stance forced Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to the negotiating table and led to the signing of an Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in 1987 and, later the bankruptcy and breakup of the Soviet Union.

I don’t recall suffering any embarrassment from Reagan’s joke, not do I recall any real conservatives having done so either.

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