The WIRE: Your week in review

From the “Mooch” is gone to rips from the bong — and most points in between — it’s time for a look back at the week that was. Personal Liberty Digest® presents: The WIRE!

Just days after he was in as White House Communications Director, Anthony Scarmucci was out. “I made it! I’m powerful! I’m famous! I’m…”


It’s never a good sign when they can’t get the original actors back for the sequel.

Either that, or the years have not been kind to Ms. Hudson and Mr. McConaughey.

The misadventures of Special Counsel Robert Mueller continued this week, when Mueller appointed an eighth Democrat lawyer to his team looking into — well — whatever they’re looking into.

It’s totally nonpartisan! Honest!

With all these new “investigators,” maybe Mueller can find evidence of an actual crime.

Possibly even one not committed by a Democrat.

Eyebrows rising in D.C. as National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster appears to be at war with President Donald Trump’s staff, at the same time illegal leaks from inside the White House turn to a flood.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

McMaster also sent a secret letter to disgraced predecessor Susan Rice, assuring her that her security clearance would remain in effect.

How many felonies do you have to commit to lose it? Asking for a friend.

More leaks from the White House this week as conversations between President Trump and other world leaders somehow made it into the media. I know our Democrat friends think is enormously entertaining, but have they stopped to consider who wins if Obama holdovers deliberately undermine the POTUS?

Sorry Hilldawg. It’s still not you.

Trump’s appearance in West Virginia drew Democrats’ condemnation, especially when West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced he was leaving them for the GOP.

Tell you what, Dems. In return, we’ll give you two senators

Tough week for CNN’s Jim Acosta, he got publicly spanked by White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller for incorrectly citing “The New Colossus,” the Emma Lazarus poem on the Statue of Liberty, as law.

Lucky for Jim, knowing actual stuff isn’t a requirement to work at CNN.

When Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rep. Ben Ray Lujan suggested the Democrats might be willing to back pro-life candidates in some districts, anti-lifers fired back threatening to destroy the Democratic Party to protect abortion.

The hill they’re willing to die on is actually a pile of dead babies.

The New York Times chipped in with an op-ed that claimed “To legislatively oppose abortion is to be indifferent to the suffering and possibly even the death of women.”

“If only I’d had more abortions, I’d be allowed to drive a car to my own honor killing.”

Al Gore’s new global warmist video premieres this week, marking 11 years since Gore released his landmark sci-fi screed “An Inconvenient Truth.” It’s a remarkable feat, considering he predicted we’d all be dead by now.

“The movie I didn’t see coming.” – Al Gore

Maybe now is a good time to remind people that Gore burns more energy just heating the swimming pool at his Nashville palace than six average Nashville homes consume in a year.

The “masseuses” don’t like to get chilly.

President Trump’s plan to examine racist college admission policies caused an avalanche of snowflake butt hurt. Yeah, that 14th Amendment is a real b*tch, ain’t it?

What Constitution? It never came up in Overthrowing Racist Patriarchy 101!

And, with Senator Cory Booker leading the charge to decriminalize marijuana, a new Harvard–Harris Poll survey indicates only 14 percent of Americans think weed should be illegal.

The other 86 percent asked the pollster if they could swing by the store and pick them up some Pringles.

And that’s your week in review! For the Personal Liberty Digest®, I’m Ben Crystal saying “See you next week, on The WIRE!”

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