This day in WND history: U.S. taxpayers to fund Mexican development?

(Photo: University of Pennsylvania)

(Photo: University of Pennsylvania)

U.S. taxpayers to fund Mexican development?

WND-20-YearsJuly 13, 2006: For a second time in just two years, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, quietly introduced a bill to create a “North American Investment Fund” that would tap U.S. and Canadian taxpayers for the development of public works projects in Mexico.

“Currently, a significant development gap exists between Mexico and the United States and Canada,” said Cornyn, one of the president’s loyal supporters in the Senate, at the time. “I believe it is in our best interests to find creative ways to bridge this development gap.”

“The purpose of this fund is to reinforce efforts already underway in Mexico to ensure their (sic) own economic development,” Cornyn said. “The funding would make grants available for projects to construct roads in Mexico, to facilitate trade, to develop and expand their education programs, to build infrastructure for the deployment of communications services and to improve job training and workforce development for high-growth industries.”

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