CNN panelist levels outrageous personal attack against Trump Jr. (video)

CNN pundit Ana Navarro suggested Monday night that Donald Trump Jr. admitted to meeting with a Russian lawyer ahead of the 2016 presidential election because he was “dropped on his head as a child.” 

The increasingly desperate mainstream media attempts to link the Trump administration to Russian operatives are becoming increasingly vicious on airwaves controlled by CNN, with pundits now outwardly suggesting that Trump allies met and made deals with Russians because they are simply too dense to have known it was a problem.

Speaking on the decidedly anti-Trump “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” Navarro suggested that Trump Jr. would have lied about meeting with Russian lawyer Russian lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya were he a smarter man.

She said: “When I read his statement where he was admitting that he had met with this Russian lawyer for the purpose of receiving information against Hillary Clinton, I thought, ‘My God, this kid was dropped on his head as a child!’ ”

Navarro went on to suggest that the only sensible reason Trump Jr. would have released a statement acknowledging the meeting is the existence of a damning email that would confirm it happened.

The pundit then revealed the true nature of the latest break in the Russia collusion media circus

“The sheer amount of contacts and meetings that none of them remember, between Trump World and Russians involved with the Kremlin is astounding,” she said.

Navarro added: “This stinks to holy hell! And it’s time that Republicans stop thinking narrowly and start thinking broadly about defending the American democracy and the integrity of our elections. This is the most important issue facing us.”

But remember, The New York Times’ story which broke news of the meeting didn’t provide any substantial evidence of electoral malfeasance by the Trump campaign or, for that matter, by Russia.

Trump Jr. said that he did meet with the lawyer and he was told that she may have information of interest to the Trump campaign. But, importantly, the president’s son also maintains  that the information she provided was nonsensical and an obvious front to get an audience for a different purpose.

That her information was useless renders leftist claims that Trump Jr. should have immediately informed the FBI that he met with her entirely moot.

It’s called common sense.

The only reason a person would throw common sense aside is in pursuit of an agenda. Like when Sen. John McCain, a man who’s been in Congress long enough to have seen all manner of classified material, took an obviously fake “dossier” on Trump to federal investigators.

Remember that?

Well, the uncorroborated and unverified “intelligence” is now at the center of defamation lawsuits in the U.S. and UK against Buzzfeed, which decided to publish the claims– which amounted to ham-fisted campaign opposition research– in full.

No one wants to own the “smoking gun” documents today.

Back to Navarro, what’s her angle? Besides being on CNN, why does she have an interest in tarnishing the Trump administration’s credibility?

Well, she has close ties to McCain, for whom she was an amnesty shill while heading up his Hispanic Advisory Council. And her ties to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, a man perpetually bitter that he never got to follow his father and brother into the Oval Office, go way back. Navarro also spent time working for the United Nations.

And that brings a forest-for-trees point that’s very important to keep in mind. Trump’s opposition isn’t relegated to angry liberal mobs worried about his threat to their achievable tranny-immigrant-Muslim-socialist utopia. He’s getting plenty of push-back from the Republican Party establishment, which is just as entrenched in elitist ideology as the controlling interests of any liberal mainstream media organization. In fact, that’s likely his biggest problem. The average liberals have neither a cohesive message about what’s actually wrong with the administration nor a real means by which to undermine Trump– they’re just waiting for information and marching orders from another faction many don’t realize exists. Call it the Deep State, Shadow Government, or whatever you like. Just don’t be naive enough to refuse to consider its existence. It’s bipartisan and it exists at a level where party politics have no bearing, where the finance and defense industries, un-elected bureaucrats and global political power intersect.

“Follow the money” is always a good phrase to keep in mind when considering the headlines of the day. Is it feasible that the Trump administration, family or organization stands to gain more from talking to Russians than the U.S. spy apparatus, defense complex, financial sector and mainstream media owners have to gain from a full-on re-ignition of the Cold War, or worse, a real war with Russia?

This is the politics of mass manipulation, folks. And it’ll get uglier, stupider and, unfortunately, deadlier before it goes away.

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