This day in WND history: ‘Slumlord’ Gore’s toilets overflow

Al Gore

Al Gore

‘Slumlord’ Gore’s toilets overflow, tenant calls it quits

al-goreJuly 7, 2000: A Tennessee woman and her family pulled up stakes and, with help from the Tennessee Republican Party, moved her belongings out of a home she rented from then-Vice President Al Gore, saying inaction on promised repairs gave her no other choice.

Tracy Mayberry had been pleading for months with her “slumlord” – as she referred to Gore, who was running for president at the time – but the sinks remained clogged and the toilets still overflowed.

toiletInitially, Gore’s property management company, Gore Realty, tried to evict the Mayberrys rather than fix the problems. But Mayberry turned to a local news station to air her complaint. Subsequent national attention resulted in a call from Gore and promises to make repairs and find a place for the family to stay while renovations were made on the house. But nothing ever happened, said Mayberry.

“How can he take care of the nation when he can’t take care of one house?” she asked.

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