Planned Parenthood’s big lies

Desperate to maintain its spot at the public trough, Planned Parenthood is running a new ad touting its cancer-detection services as a reason for continuing its funding in the new Senate healthcare bill.

The ad implies a woman’s cancer was discovered because of the woman’s trip to Planned Parenthood, and that without Planned Parenthood she would not have received treatment. Further, the ad implies that without Planned Parenthood, thousands of women would not receive health care.

But the woman admits she discovered the lump herself and just used her appointment to Planned Parenthood to show the lump to her doctor, who determined she needed more tests.

The notion that Planned Parenthood is the place to go for cancer screening is its first big lie, and it is perpetuated ad nausem by the corporate media. Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms. The word doesn’t even appear in its annual report. And it has reduced its rate of breast exams and pap smears each of the last four years.

About 30 percent of Planned Parenthood’s funding comes from government. Yet it screams that without that federal money its clinics will be forced to close, leaving thousands of women without cancer screening and other women’s health services. Still, it has $734,000 to dump into failing political campaigns like that of Jon Ossoff in Georgia-6 last month.

Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill. And its claim that abortions make up only 3 percent of its services is its second big lie. Not even the leftist rag Slate buys that fiction.

Its third big lie is that it is concerned about cancer at all. If it were, Planned Parenthood wouldn’t prescribe oral contraceptives or perform abortions, both of which increase cancer risk among women. It also wouldn’t send women for mammograms, which increase cancer risk and lead to over-diagnosis of breast cancer and unnecessary procedures.

It’s fourth big lie is that women would be denied “healthcare” if Planned Parenthood was defunded.  Any and all of the procedures performed by Planned Parenthood are available from any gynecologist and most every public health clinic.

Planned Parenthood should sink or swim (preferably sink) in the free market and deserves no funding from the federal treasury.

Pro-abortion is not pro-choice. It is pro-death. With abortion, the soon-to-be-born have no choice at all.

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