This day in WND history: NASCAR track bans U.S. flags

NASCAR track bans U.S. flags

July 3, 2004: Patriotic rage was fueled near the nation’s birthplace after a local NASCAR racetrack in Virginia banned the flying of flags in the track infield, prompting at least eight employees to quit their jobs.

“This is the Fourth of July weekend, and we’re at war!” said Bryan Bowyer, who resigned his position as chief steward and race director at Langley Speedway in Hampton, Va.

“The whole basis of our society is our flag and what this weekend represents. The ban just pushed me over the edge.”


The track’s owner, Dwight Schaubach, denied there was a total ban on the American flag, but explained there was a new preclusion against flying any sort of banner, flag or windsock in the track’s infield, potentially obstructing the view of race fans.

“It has nothing to do with the American flag,” Schaubach told WND. “I have not abandoned any particular flag. I’m just as much a Southerner and an American as anyone. I have flags on my personal cars. I just don’t want them flying in the infield.

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