Muslims’ strategy for conquest: Deception

Muslim women in the nijab.

Muslim women in the hijab.

WASHINGTON – Like it or not, Western Civilization is in an all-out war with Islam. It has been since the days of Mohammad.

But the two sides have different rules.

A new video produced by the American Truth Project exposes Islam’s practice of taqiyya, which allows deceit to promote the goals of Islam.



Aynaz Anni Cyrus, national director of American Truth Project and a former Muslim, explains two types of deceit endorsed by Islam: taqiyya, meaning “deceive,” and tawriya, meaning “white lies.”

“Lying is absolutely not only allowed under Shariah, it is also advised,” Cyrus said. “There are many different types of lies that are allowed, but there is only one type that is actually advised.”

That type is taqiyya. It has a long-standing tradition in Islam going all the way back to Mohammad.

“[Taqiyya] is referred to in Quran, it’s referred to in hadith, in Sunna, and also in what’s known as fatwah,” Cyrus revealed.

Taqiyya is allowed under a few different circumstances. First, a Muslim is allowed to lie about being a Muslim if his life is in danger. Muslims also can say that they are not a Muslim.

But no one can disparage Allah or Mohammad.

Also, you can lie about another Muslim if his life is in danger, saying that he is not a Muslim.

So far, these uses are fairly benign, although Christians with their tradition of bold faith all the way to martyrdom may see this as a weak cop-out. However, the other two uses of this practice are far more nefarious.

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You are allowed to lie about Islam “if you are trying to convert a non-Muslim to Islam,” Cyrus said. “You are allowed to change the meaning behind a verse or word of Allah to something that would be more sugar-coated or more accepted. You are allowed to lie about the meaning behind the verse of the Quran.”

This could potentially allow Muslims to deceive non-believers about the proper interpretation of, say, the Quranic verses calling for violent jihad and the death of the infidel.

Even more frightening is the last use of taqiyya. Cyrus stated that “you are allowed, and always forgiven, for using taqiyya … if you are trying to conquer a land to further Islamization.”

Anyone involved in conquering a land, be it violently, or through more discreet civilizational jihad, can lie about anything to further the spread of Islam.

“You are more than welcome to lie about anything within Islam to conquer a land and turn it into Islamic land,” Cyrus declared. “At the end of the day, the peace that has been promised to Muslims … is when every breathing human on the planet is a Muslim. Because of that purpose they have been given the tool of taqiyya, or deceive, to be able to conquer every land and convert every human being.”

This is the goal, and taqiyya is the tool given to use on good-natured “tolerant” Westerners.

Tawriya is nearly as dangerous.

These are “white lies,” and the scope is huge.

“A Muslim is allowed to use white lies. There is no guidance. You can use this under any circumstances,” Cyrus stated. “For example, a Muslim guy rapes a woman in a Western country where it is a crime. A friend is there who witnessed everything. He can go to court, and under oath of non-Islamic court, he can actually use white lie to say ‘I didn’t see anything,’ or ‘he didn’t rape her,’ because under Islam, he didn’t commit a crime.”

This may have contributed to the surge of cultural violence among Muslim refugees in Europe, where Muslim men are raping women at Swedish swimming pools because they are taught that women in bikinis are just asking to be raped.

It has led to 1,400 sexual assault victims of Muslim refugees in one British city. When witnesses are unwilling to talk or will outright lie to a court because their religion teaches that rape is not a crime, criminal investigations will grind to a halt.

Cyrus thinks that this is definitely a cause for concern: “The fact that a religion is actually allowing its people to freely lie, and in certain cases be rewarded and in certain cases be forgiven, it’s a horrible thing . . . my own experience, firsthand experience of life, taqiyya or deceive is still the biggest danger. It’s the biggest dangerous tool that was given to Muslims. Let’s just hope that Western Civilization as a whole starts to recognize these deceptions and ‘white lies’ before Islam achieves its goal.”

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