2 convicts pardoned by Obama now back in prison


WASHINGTON – Former President Obama freed more than 1,500 convicts from prison by either pardoning them or commuting their sentences, and some now are returning to their jail cells.

At least two individuals have found themselves back in prison for crimes of theft and drug distribution.

Obama pardoned a record-breaking 212 criminals and commuted the sentences of 1,385 – more than the last nine presidents combined. In contrast, George W. Bush pardoned 189 criminals and commuted the sentences of only 11 criminals.

Last week, Carol Denise Richardson violated the terms of release from her previous life sentence by stealing $60 worth of laundry detergent. The 49-year-old woman had been released on July 28, 2016, after Obama granted her clemency.

Richardson initially received a life sentence for a federal conviction of conspiracy to possess 50 grams or more of crack cocaine with intent to distribute and two counts of actual possession of the drug with intent to distribute, according to Breitbart Texas.

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“This defendant was literally given a second chance to become a productive member of society and has wasted it,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Ted Imperato wrote in a statement.

Robert Martinez Gill, another criminal who was freed from life in prison by Obama, similarly re-offended and is now back in behind bars. The 68-year-old Gill had been sentenced to life in prison for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and heroin.

Many of the convicts given leniency by Obama were drug-ring operators.

Gill was arrested in February after crashing his vehicle into another motorist and undercover police cars while fleeing from a drug deal. He was charged with possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine.

Gill was also the subject of an article by the Washington Times after his release in which he stated how thankful he was for an opportunity to turn his life around.

“I am granting your application because you have demonstrated the potential to turn your life around,” Obama wrote in a signed letter to Gill.

Though these two criminals were directly pardoned by Obama, other criminals given leniency through Obama-era policy changes have also re-offended and ended up back in prison.

In 2016, a man convicted of selling cocaine was released from prison after his sentence was reduced when the Obama administration lessened sentencing guidelines for drug dealers. The change was part of Obama’s effort to reform the justice system as a way of ending racial discrimination, according to the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Wendell Callahan, 35, was arrested for the triple murder of his ex-girlfriend and her two young children, ages 7 and 10. Callahan allegedly stabbed all three to death to eliminate all witnesses to the attack. Callahan was first sentenced to prison in 2007 and without the introduction of new, lenient guidelines, would not have been able to commit this brutal murder, prosecutors said.

Federal prosecutors warned the administration that drug trafficking is inherently violent and that non-violent drug dealers are thus essentially non-existent, Judicial Watch reports.

Beyond common criminals, the Obama administration is also responsible for releasing approximately 75 percent of Guantanamo Bay prison inmates, according to statistics from the Pentagon. Obama freed more than 100 accused terrorists being held in the prison.

“We know about 30 percent of terrorists at Guantanamo Bay went back into battle,” Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., told Fox News.

A few of these terrorists were directly linked to attacks that killed Americans.

In 2014, the centrist think tank the New America Foundation found that out of 620 released prisoners, 52 were either “confirmed to be or suspected of engaging in militant activities against either the U.S. or non-U.S. targets,” less than the U.S. government claims, but still a substantial amount.

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