It’s not their fault

The Democratic Party wants you to know they’re not responsible for the terrorist attack on congressional Republicans practicing for a charity baseball game Wednesday morning. If James Hodgkinson’s social media posts read like a Reader’s Digest edition of Democratic talking points, that’s anecdotal. If he proudly served Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, that’s just a coincidence. If he took the Left’s messages of hate, rage and even treason too far, that’s on him, not them. They were just expressing their opinions, not suggesting anyone actually act on them. Blaming Hodgkinson’s attack on the people he worshiped like they were Jim Jones and he was the first guy to chug the Kool-Aid is unfair. Come to think of it, they’re the real victims here.

They booed God and told him “white Christian” is code for “cruel bigot.”

They defended anti-life monsters like Planned Parenthood and claimed Republican efforts to rein in federal funding of their baby parts racket represented a “war on women.”

They showed him his fellow liberals launching coordinated attacks on gatherings of peaceful conservatives from Berkeley to Brooklyn and told him how the “Antifa” thugs were the good guys.

They called Republicans “Nazis” and ran “news” stories about how the GOP was planning to murder people by the millions through rollbacks of Obamacare and defunding of abortion factories.

They beheaded President Trump in effigy and called it “comedy.” When the image of a ginger skeletor holding his father’s severed head frightened the president’s 11 year old son, they attacked him, too.

They substituted Trump for Julius Caesar in a hugely-publicized performance of Shakespeare in the Park and called the mock assassination “a masterpiece.”

They trotted out their best and brightest — spoiled actors, dimwitted comediennes, shrieking hate group leaders, media flacks and pampered socialites — to beat the drum of hatred and then laughed off their calls for violence as “parody.”

They didn’t force Hodgkinson to plan and execute a targeted assassination of congressional Republicans, they just spent seven months filling his head with frequently violent, always dehumanizing rhetoric about them.

So don’t blame the Democrats for Hodgkinson’s assassination attempt. They fed intellectually deficient, emotionally unstable people a steady diet of misinformation and outright lies, but they didn’t do any of the shooting themselves. They didn’t start the fire, they just hosed the joint down in gasoline and left a box of matches next to the arsonist.

— Ben Crystal

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