Unbelievable… MSNBC hosts AGAIN diagnose Trump as ‘mentally ill’

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski said President Donald Trump is a narcissist and “does not believe the rules apply to him.” So obviously, he must be mentally ill.

“I think he’s such a narcissist, it’s possible that he is mentally ill in a way,” Brzezinski said Thursday morning. “[H]e’s not well. At the very least he’s not well.”

Brzezinski cited the infamous Trump “grab them by the…” tape released ahead of the 2016 election as proof that fame has led the president to believe he is allowed to follow his own set of social rules. His fame, she contends, makes the president “ignorant” to acceptable social standards.

“He’s so narcissistic he does not believe the rules apply to him. That’s where the ignorance label may apply because this is a man who says he can grab women anywhere because he’s famous,” Brzezinski said in part. “The point is, he feels he can say or do things different from the norm because he’s famous, because he’s a celebrity, because he has power.”

The host doubled down, suggesting that Trump’s behavior ultimately may lead to a premature loss of the presidency.

“We don’t know if it’s obstruction of justice. We don’t know if it’s abuse of power. We don’t know if it’s utter stupidity, but he may not be able to be in that office,” she said.

Though Brzezinski’s co-host Joe Scarborough appeared to believe his colleague was laying it on a little thick Thursday, this isn’t the first time “Morning Joe” has questioned the president’s mental stability. In fact, it’s not even the first time this week. Trump is mentally unstable is the hot new MSM meme… not that there’s real news to examine or anything.

A trend? More talk of Trump mental health

WaPo writer suggests Trump is mentally deranged

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