Comey isn’t sure if Clinton would also have fired him

Former FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers Thursday that he believed President Donald Trump was happy with the job he was doing and that he isn’t sure whether he’d have also been fired had Hillary Clinton won the election.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV)  asked, “You also mentioned you had [meetings] … with the president. Did he ever at that time alluded you were not performing adequately? Ever indicate that?”

Comey replied that his impression of Trump’s satisfaction with his performance was “quite contrary” to indications of an impending firing.

He said: “He called me one day, I was about to get on a helicopter. The head of the D.E.A. was waiting in the helicopter for me, and he just called to check in and tell me I was doing an awesome job job — and wanted to see how I was doing.

“I said I’m doing fine. I finished the call and got on the helicopter.”

Manchin then asked, “Mr. Comey, do you believe you would have been fired if Hillary Clinton became president?”

“That’s a great question, I don’t know,” Comey replied. “

“Do you have any thoughts about it,” Manchin pressed.

“I might have been. I don’t know. I’ve said before, that was an extraordinarily difficult and painful time,” Comey said. “I think I did what had to do. I knew it was going very bad for me personally. And the consequences of that might have been, if Hillary Clinton was elected — I might have been terminated. I don’t know.” 

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