A trend? More talk of Trump mental health

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday joined a handful of mainstream pundits in questioning whether the president’s mental fitness is in decline based on his Twitter activity.

Host Joe Scarborough said:

You know … you have all these people whenever you talk about Donald Trump not being well. There’s a Gallup poll. They go, “oh, he’s always been like this, why are you surprised? You all … should have known this is exactly how he would have acted.”

Scarborough continued, saying there’s a difference between Trump’s behavior before the election and now:

When he says things that offended us during the primary, as sad as it seems about the state of a lot of Republican primary voters, he was doing things that played to his political interest, that would help him in a lot of primary states. So it was evil, it was cynical, but it was still in his self interest. How you can tell that somebody is not well and that there’s a serious issue, is when they continually do things against self-interest. Don’t take it from me. Take it from people who work inside the white house who are saying they’re pulling their hair out.

Talking head Donny Deutsch also weighed in, noting that he isn’t “a clinician” while diagnosing Trump with a personality disorder.

He said:

The ultimate check and balance of Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Every time he starts to move in a way where we think this is really going to hurt us, this is very destructive. He is the ultimate check and balance. As far as why he does things that seem to be self-destructive and seem to go against him, I think he clearly has a personality disorder. 

When you have a personality disorder, you need to create drama to feel alive. I’m not a clinician, but that is kind of the analytical behavior of what he does. I’ve also said this before. Every president in my lifetime, I genuinely believed was sitting in that office thinking about what is best for the 300 million people, whether they were right or wrong in my eyes, I genuinely believe that. This man is driven by what is best for him in that moment. 

The  MSNBC panel went on to suggest that President Trump is acting “crazy” because he is nervous about information that could come out in the Russia probe.

No doubt, you can expect mainstream media to continue using this meme to criticize Trump for any White House action they don’t like or can’t explain.

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