Why gold and silver?

I’m often asked why I promote gold and silver in the hands of the people. The answer is simple.

Politicians don’t like gold except when they have it or the government has it. Gold in the hands of the people is a threat to reckless politicians and reckless government. Gold is a barter system outside of and independent of government created “money.”

Admittedly, the money creators have done a job on the American people. In one generation they erased the memory of gold and silver as money. Corresponding to this, they created the most irresponsible dependent people in history. All one has to do to make a perfect scam is to make his potential enemy a part of the scam. The American people are party to American democracy. They have no memory of the American republic.

Gold is more than yellow metal. It carries with it a state of mind, an independent spirit. People who accumulate gold and silver coins usually distrust politicians. These are earth people. They have an extra sense about human nature. They still have knowledge that America was once a republic and men were once free.

Governments can create modern money  (credit) to infinity, but governments cannot create 1 ounce of gold.

Gold survives governments, politicians and our lifetime. It survives, crashes, booms and busts.

Let me tell you  a story told to me by a friend who worked for the U.S. government processing Vietnamese refugees who wanted to come to America when the U.S. pulled out at the end of the war.

The refugees were fleeing with just what they could carry. Some, thinking they were smart, had raided their own bank accounts and had suitcases full of South Vietnamese currency (dong). It was worthless. When he told them that, they were crushed. Their life’s work was in their hands and it was nothing more than a pile of useless paper.

The ones who were really smart had swapped their currency for and possessed gold and silver. They still had their wealth when they came to America.

So we accumulate gold and silver for a store of wealth, for emergency, and perhaps for retirement.  We accumulate gold and silver for privacy and the passing of estate to posterity.

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