Get a vaccine or lose your job

One of the most sinister and disguised population controls is mass inoculations and vaccinations. When our children are vaccinated, there is a percentage who die as a result, and many are disabled in various ways for life and their lives shortened because of it.

Of course, the medical totalitarians will tell you that the percentage who almost immediately die or suffer debilitating injuries are just collateral damage in the quest for health utopia. Herd immunity, they claim, is a lofty goal for which all should be willing to sacrifice.  But it is little different from putting your children into a “Hunger Games” lottery.

However, the most insidious part of the vaccine protocol is the development of degenerative diseases much later in life, say about in the 50s and early 60s, at about retirement age. This includes a host of cancers caused by monkey virus SV-40 from the contaminated polio vaccines in the 1950s and 60s. The long lag time between vaccination and disease erases culpability for the medical establishment by separating cause and effect in people’s minds.

The following video is an excellent and shocking presentation of illnesses caused by vaccines by Dr. Eva Lee Snead.


Now a congressional Republican (so much for the party of small government) has introduced a bill that will coerce – if not mandate – employers to create disease prevention wellness programs that employees must participate in to keep their jobs. The bill is actually a reprisal of a section of Obamacare that created “incentives, rewards, rebates, surcharges, penalties or other inducements related to wellness programs, including rewards of up to 50 percent off of insurance premiums for employees participating in programs designed to encourage healthier lifestyles.”

According to the National Vaccine Information Center:

The concern is this bill if passed into law would be applied to penalize employees who do not get regular vaccines imposed by an employee wellness plan. HR 1313 is indeed a threat to anyone employed by a company or large organization that offers a “wellness” program and partners with government and Pharma to “give carrots and apply sticks” to employees who do or do not go along with government endorsed “standard of care,” which includes receipt of federally recommended vaccines, whether the language in this bill says the word “vaccine” or not.

Universal vaccination is a government agenda not of “Democrat” or “Republican” origin. The goal is forced vaccinations of all, including adults. Just look at the vaccines the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wants forced on adults.

What a bonanza to the pharmaceutical trust! Public disclosure of reactions and deaths due to inoculations and vaccinations will be hushed.

Mass and universal inoculations and vaccinations is a population control system based on the cold reality of the survival of the money (credit) creation monopoly that rules the world. Consumers will and must die. The push for universal vaccinations is not ideological fantasy. It is cold-blooded conspiracy to control population.

When you understand the money system as we have sketched above and as explained in “How the elites make murder acceptable,” you will know for certain why population control has now changed from an urgency to a priority of the establishment.

There are many knowledgeable people who are against compulsory vaccinations simply because it is a violation of medical freedom. And it is medical terrorism.

But the problem goes much deeper. It is at the heart of the survival of the system.


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