Just so you know, the U.S. has no debt

The elite who rule America are mostly out of sight, but their philosophy and politics is well known to researchers.

There are two things that you should know about these “people”:

No. 1: They are neither Democrats nor Republicans. They have no such thing as a political label. They finance and control all sides, the communists, the fascists and the Nazis. To them, democracy is a joke and for the entertainment of school children. If they have a religion, it is Luciferianism.

No. 2: They all believe in and promote paper money. They are the money creators. Their vast wealth has been devised from creating paper money. They transfer wealth from the people to themselves with paper money. Since they absolutely control the volume of money, they control America.

The more paper money they “spend,” the wealthier they become. Their wars and revolutions are highly profitable.

Debt? Are you kidding? They are inflating away “debt.” What is debt? According to Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary, first copyrighted 1916: “Debt” is something owed, an obligation. The U.S. national debt is a world-class scam simply because it doesn’t exist. What an amazing deception!

Oh, yes, the so-called national debt is pretended as well as payment is pretended. This whole charade violates the plain meaning of the English language.

Why the scam? The answer is so simple. If there was no pretended debt even the crowd could see the worthlessness of the paper money. Can’t we see that this pretended debt instills the confidence vitally needed to keep the scam going? Yes, confidence!

Spending? Everything you can read talks about how government spending is out of control and causing awesome debt. Again the Webster definition of “Spend” — To use up or exhaust. Therefore, these definitions do not apply to government finance. The government cannot use up or exhaust its imaginary money that it can create to infinity.

To instill confidence (the system is a confidence game), the money creators must promote propaganda that, a.) the government spends large amounts of money; and b.) the government owes huge debt. These negative concepts actually promote confidence because monetary activity of the federal government is framed in conventional accounting terms.

Fact: There can be no spending and there can be no debt when the source is infinite.

Federal government “accounting” is a myth. When the government imposes its imaginary dollars on the American people, it does so with numbers. The numbers symbolize the imaginary dollars leading people to believe that they are real, that they have value and are a store of wealth. These beliefs are called confidence. What is the difference in a $5 Federal Reserve note and a $100 Federal Reserve note? The answer is the numbers. It costs the money creators virtually nothing (11.5 cents per note) to make a $5 piece of paper and little more to create a $100 piece of paper (15.5 cents per note).

These numbers are imaginary but they have perceived value. They must have perceived value or the confidence system wouldn’t work.

It is the volume of numbers that reveals the scheme. The higher the volume, the less the perceived value of single numbers. That’s called inflation.

Inflation is a hidden tax on the people. Few realize this. Inflation of the numbers (dollars) is a diabolical scheme to steal without guns and war.

Typically, governments use inflation against their own population. But now the U.S. government is exporting inflation to trading partners.

Foreign countries are accepting imaginary dollars for hard goods that they manufacture.

Debt is real to you and me. Unlike the Federal government, we have to give real value to get dollars. So do the states.

The U.S. government corporation is the richest corporation in the world because it has money creating monopoly and police power to protect it. And it has the collective mind of the American people bought with paper money.

Finally, there is no real effort to stop inflation. The money creators want inflation as long as it’s controlled. As long as they can manipulate public confidence they control the system. Right now they are manipulating the numbers to keep public confidence.

Inflation is an esoteric (hidden) system of transferring the wealth of the nation to them. Hence the political push to pass the Federal Reserve Act of December 1913.

The money creators know that their paper money is inflation. The people believe that inflation is increasing prices.

The government/bankers could not care less about pretended deficits, balance of trade, and helping the American people preserve their assets with a sound currency. What they are really interested in is making sure that they keep the people deceived and confused about the truth of their mass theft with paper money.

Once they create the money, all they have to do is control the volume; i.e., the numbers.

Come now, if you had a printing press to print paper money, would you be concerned about owing debt? Is this too simple for us to understand?

Summary: The government and its controlled media use conventional accounting terms such as “spending” and “debt” because these words hide the money fraud. “Spending” and “debt” are meaningless when money is created in infinite amounts.

But the words are important to the system because they imply that government finance is legitimate accounting. Even though these words are used negatively, they still have the same effect on the public mind. It works!

Now every writer in the land harps on U.S “spending,” “debt,” “trade deficit,” etc. Everybody is in shock and awe of “the U.S. debt.” They are looking at a myth and think that they see the real world. The money creators are laughing.

A Certain Prediction: We can study the deterioration of morality and we see that throughout history, morality goes down as currencies inflate. Therefore it is easy to predict that as inflation of the currency speeds up, immorality will also.

Restoration of the gold standard will reverse this. As the currency inflates, everything becomes relative or quicksand. The beast in men comes out to prey on humanity.

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