What’s the deal with Rep. Justin Amash?

GOP Rep. Justin Amash is one of a very small minority of Republicans willing to join Democrats in calling for an independent commission to investigate claims that Russia interfered in the U.S. election. He’s also routinely criticized the new administration despite pressure to maintain a sense of party unity in Washington. Amash must really hate President Donald Trump.

Or perhaps he’s simply doing his job.

Amash, a longtime favorite of the liberty crowd, is one of very few GOP lawmakers supporting a current Democrat push to investigate allegations of potential Russian abuse of the election system. And he’s almost certainly the lone Republican in that small group doing so for the right reasons. Sen. John McCain is said to be supporting similar efforts– but all evidence suggests that he really does hate Trump.

A very important thing to remember here is that “allegations” is the key word in the whole Russian meddling thing.

But the fact remains that people are making claims against the Trump administration. They may or may not have merit. That’s what an allegation is.

Anyone who’s kept up with my columns over the past several months, knows that I’m erring on the side of this all being a dumb political witch hunt cooked up by bitter Democrats and never-Trumpers like McCain.

If that’s the case, Trump should be happy to have his name cleared and his administration free to move on to other things. As should all Americans. It’ll mean not only that the system of checks and balances is still breathing, if on life support, but also that the current president and his team are the honest reformers we all want running Washington.

The FBI was working through those allegations at the time the president fired its director.

Not being a very big fan of James Comey because he has little regard for constitutional privacy, that’s a decision that’s hard not to cheer.

Unfortunately, the timing and the White House’s explanations are at least a little bit suspect. Comey is a political guy, however, so giving Trump the benefit of the doubt isn’t out of the question.

But that a lawmaker like Amash, one of the biggest defenders of the Constitution you’ll find in Congress, appears willing to at least ask a few questions via a bipartisan investigation should be championed by every American who has spoken against government corruption for the past decade.

The lawmaker certainly has little to gain by bucking Trump and much of the GOP. In fact, the president already threatened to organize his supporters against the congressman for daring to question the executive earlier this year over the loser of an Obamacare replacement the establishment GOP tried to push down America’s throat.

In April 2016, noting that Amash had never missed a roll call vote, Reason’s Matt Welch suggested that the lawmaker might be the “last honest man in Congress.”

The interview is dated, but worth a read. 

Welch’s characterization may be a bit of an exaggeration– but it certainly feels right at a time when the power structure has changed in his favor and Amash’s willingness to question government hasn’t.

It seems he simply wants to make sure the emperor has clothes.



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