2nd Amendment group raffles a gun a week to fight Nanny Bloomberg

Former New York mayor and media mogul Michael Bloomberg continues to spend massive amounts of money in an effort to undermine American gun rights. A pro-2nd Amendment group is asking for donations to fight back with a fundraiser sure to give Bloomberg heartburn.

In response to Bloomberg’s $25 million push to quash congressional efforts to pass national concealed carry reciprocity legislation, the Firearms Policy Coalition is raffling a gun a week for the entire month to raise funds.

The bill, introduced by Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn, would allow any Americans with concealed carry permits to carry their personal defense firearms across state lines without fear of running afoul of another state’s laws.

Bloomberg’s opposition is creating enough opposition to make passing the legislation an uphill battle in Congress.

The pro-gun group, while unable to match Bloomberg’s funds is pushing back via grassroots support.

“We know we can’t match him dollar for dollar, but we can use our money efficiently and combat Bloomberg in battles that are winnable, so long as we show up to the fight. Help us bring the fight to this un-American billionaire and we’ll enter you into a giveaway for a Kahr CW9,” the group said in a message to supporters.

The group added: “We can’t think of a better way to thank you than by giving away the item that Bloomberg would ban in his perfect dystopian world,” the group added.

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