Washington Chatter: Top stories for the week ahead

President Donald Trump was able to successfully usher his healthcare repeal legislation through the House last week despite lingering objections from many Republicans. Now, the bill faces a thorough work-over in the Senate. Combined with many Republicans still peeved about a budget agreement seen largely as a list of wins for the Democrat Party, it could make for a controversial week in Washington for the Trump administration. Here’s what you need to know.

On Sunday, establishment Republicans touted the narrowly-passed Trump healthcare reform as an end to the era of Obamacare.

Trump administration insiders and establishment Republican lawmakers came out in force for the Sunday political talk shows.

Their message: We have killed Obamacare.

Despite the victory for Trump’s plan in the House, however, the Senate is now poised to rework the new norm of American healthcare. And the process is certain to be contentious.

The Senate’s reworking of the current bill is certain to include a mishmash of changes from both the most conservative and the most liberal factions within the governing body. For some, like Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), the goal will be incorporating more of the small government healthcare reforms conservative voters find lacking in the current iteration of the legislation. The upper chamber’s Democrats, meanwhile, will be more interested in the passage of legislation resembling President Barack Obama’s initial eponymous overhaul.

As President Trump has noted, a tight margin in the Senate means quarrels over the Obamacare replacement plan will get nasty.

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