Americans for Tax Reform: Time for free trade with Cuba

Americans for Tax Reform says the Trump administration should make a priority of opening Cuba up to American investors as a key component of its trade agenda.

ATR contends that it would be better for working Americans if the U.S. normalized trade relations with Cuba.

The tax payer advocacy group is eyeing three pieces of legislation which would help to normalize those regulations.

The first piece of legislation, H.R. 525, would remove restrictions of private agricultural trade in the country.

Via ATR: “Promoting market access for American agriculture will directly lead to more jobs and higher wages. In recent years, American farmers have lost nearly $1 billion in sales due to the existing Cuba financing restrictions. This legislation expands trade with Cuba to the benefit of American workers while also keeping safeguards in place to ensure that no taxpayer funding is given to the Cuban regime.”

Another piece of legislation, the Cuba Trade Act would allow American industries to export goods and services to Cuba.

As noted by a 2010 study by Texas A&M University, lifting the trade embargo could increase the sale of U.S. goods by $365 million and create 6,000 new jobs.

Finally, the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act would lift archaic restrictions on American business and pleasure travel to Cuba.

“There is no need for a travel ban to remain in effect. Cuba remains the only country in the world to which the U.S. government prohibits tourist travel. This should end.”

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