See Charlie Daniels’ warning about global government

Music legend Charlie Daniels

Music legend Charlie Daniels

Donald Trump and Brexit may represent a nationalist revolution, but there is another, stealthier movement rustling through the nations of the world. The people of America and Britain may have voted last year for national sovereignty, but international forces are busy at work moving the planet in a different direction.

The American republic, the Christian faith and the concept of liberty are all in danger as the Trojan horse of globalism moves the world inexorably toward a one-world government. And one new movie boldly sounds the alarm.

“Revelation: Dawn of Global Government” documents in a fast-paced and entertaining narrative the relentless war against national sovereignty.

The movie is available in the WND Superstore.

The film stars country music legend Charlie Daniels and an all-star lineup of experts and commentators, including re Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Ted Nugent, Cliven Bundy, Randy Weaver, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Michael Badnarik, Jerome Corsi and WND’s own Joseph Farah.

The movie features dozens of experts battling for freedom and liberty in such key areas as:

  • Marxism and socialism
  • The role of the church as leaders
  • Agenda 21 and the U.N.
  • The Second Amendment
  • Border security
  • The Islamic threat
  • The Federal Reserve
  • Economic collapse
  • Citizen privacy and data collection
  • Common Core
  • States’ rights and the Tenth Amendment
  • The U.S. Constitution and why it’s not compatible with world government

“Revelation” is a high-tech Paul Revere – the quickest way to sound the warning that the globalists are coming. It is a fantastic educational tool for all patriots to share with their friends and families.

As Daniels says in the movie, “Something’s wrong, and we all know it.”

“Revelation” has been a smash hit among viewers so far, earning an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. In fact, a whopping 86 percent of viewers gave the movie a five-star rating.

Many Amazon users wrote effusive reviews:

  • “This movie is a call to action for ALL Americans! I just finished watching this and find myself both frightened and determined. Frightened as to what has been happening to our country for decades with the undermining our constitutional rights and liberties and what is in store for us if we do not take back what is rightfully ours. I have no desire to become a globalist slave! Now, I am determined that this will not be my fate or the fate of those I care about, namely my family, my law enforcement family and my military family. I also do not want this kind of tyranny for my disabled brother, who no doubt suffer greatly under such a horrendous abuse of power that is now taking place.”
  • “I have been aware of happenings behind the scenes for many years now, and have seen a lot of documentaries. … I must say that this was by far the most informative I have ever seen. Absolutely riveting, fact filled, and extremely well done. EVERY patriotic American needs to see this ASAP, as well as getting as many people we can educated about whats really going on in our beloved country. May God bless all who were involved in the making of this … and don’t forget to PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY !”
  • “Lots of information that lots of folks have not been exposed to; should be required viewing for anyone who dares to explore our current condition compared to actual Liberty as envisioned by our founders and as practiced in America not so many years ago. If this movie doesn’t piss you off and fire you up, you should consider emigrating to someplace where they have already acknowledged and accepted tyranny as the normal state of affairs.”
  • “America needs this wake up call and I would like to see this on all the national media networks, sadly they are part of the problem and will never show it. My pastor is going to show it as a sermon, I can only hope this action will catch on.”

DV577_Revelation Dawn of Global Government_mn

Kari Velemirovich of the Bible prophecy website OmegaLetter.com wrote: “‘Revelation: Dawn of the Global Government’ is a challenging motion picture that will make you sit up and pay attention. A cinematic exploration of the intentions of the founding fathers into what America has become.

“The rights of the American people have already slipped away and in perfect, fascist form have given the powers that be the very thing that is needed to enslave not only America but the entire world. I am a Canadian and can see that my country is much closer to the globalist mindset, but America is catching up at a rapid rate.

“The world looks to America as the last bastion of hope amidst a world filled with trials and tribulations of unimaginable proportions. If America falls, we all fall.

“The inclusion of Charlie Daniels, Ted Nugent and shock jock Alex Jones brings downhome entertainment to this film that will intrigue family and friends. Historians, preachers, experts in finance and government also grace the screen with their knowledge and give this movie a well rounded look at what is coming upon the Earth.”

More information about “Revelation,” including instructions on how to host a screening of the movie at your local theater, can be found at RevelationTheMovie.info.




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