Greg Gutfeld: ‘Trump kicked the media’s rump’

(THE BLAZE) — On Saturday night’s episode of the “Greg Gutfeld Show” on the Fox News Channel, Gutfeld slammed the liberal media’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner and praised President Donald Trump for choosing to bypass the event, which is usually attended by presidents on both sides of the aisle.

“He’s like the cool outcast at school who tells the snotty, rich kids, ‘I don’t want to go to your stupid party, I’ll throw my own, thank you very much! And I’m going to invite all my friends!’” Gutfeld said.

Gutfeld called Trump’s decision to hold a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a key swing state for Trump, a “stroke of brilliance” and referred to the Correspondents’ Dinner as an “orgy of preening self-importance.”


‘Gay’ Hispanic faces campus heat for liking Trump

(THE COLLEGE FIX) — Vincent Wetzel, president of the Orange Coast College Republicans, recently stood before the leaders of his college and declared that as a homosexual Hispanic from a low-income household, he faces discrimination on campus — for being a Republican.

“Republicans are the most targeted minority on our campus, and it is the duty of this board to defend minority students,” he told the Orange Coast College board of trustees earlier this month.

Orange Coast College is the center of a nationwide dispute over a professor there, Olga Cox, who infamously declared to her human sexuality class after the election last year that “we have been assaulted, it’s an act of terrorism,” comments recorded and posted on YouTube. Wetzel was at the board meeting to protest the fact that Cox won teacher of the year.


Austrian president suggests all women wear hijabs


There may come a day when Austria will ask all women to wear an Islamic headscarf to fight Islamophobia.

So says Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen.

Speaking before an audience of students, the left-wing former leader of Austria’s Green Party stated, “It is every woman’s right to dress exactly as she pleases.”

But, he said, “And if things continue like this… in light of manifestly rampant Islamophobia, the day will come where we will have to ask all women to wear a headscarf – all – in solidarity with those who wear it for religious reasons.”

According to the London Independent, Van der Bellen was responding to a question from a schoolgirl who argued a ban on Islamic hijabs or veils would reduce women to their appearance and shut some out of the labor market. Although the president made the comments in March, they came to light only recently after being included in an Austrian TV broadcast.

Paul Nehlen, the Wisconsin businessman who produced and directed the new documentary “Hijrah: Radical Islam’s Global Invasion,” said Islam appears to have conquered Van der Bellen mentally, even if ordinary Austrians are not yet ready to surrender their country to Islam.

“This is another example of the world’s leaders bowing to Islam while their citizens are forced to wage the battle on a daily basis,” Nehlen told WND. “The world’s elite, including Speaker Paul Ryan, live in walled mansions. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we don’t have that luxury.”

Nehlen, who challenged Ryan for his congressional seat in last year’s GOP primary, said Muslims in Austria must find Van der Bellen’s words encouraging.

“This is a civilization jihad, and as such, if they can change the culture, they see it as a win,” he said. “Islam means ‘submission’; Islam doesn’t mean peace. So by suggesting they are going to control the populace, they are submitting to what Islam prescribes – headscarves for women.”

Nehlen, who also authored a soon-to-be published book called “Wage the Battle,” hopes Austria begins the process of repatriating Muslim refugees sooner rather than later. Otherwise, he fears, an overt physical war will be necessary unless the country intends to submit to Islam. As it stands now, Islam’s conquest has only been cultural.

“They might not have Shariah laws, but they are living within the confines of the headscarf,” Nehlen noted.

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Leo Hohmann, a veteran WND news editor who focuses primarily on immigration and Islam, agreed with the idea that Austria already has been conquered in a way.

“The fact that a national leader feels he can even get away with suggesting that non-Muslim women in his country may at some point need to wear an Islamic headscarf proves that his country is already conquered spiritually and mentally, if not physically,” he said.

“The freedom-loving people of Austria, if there are any left, should make plans to leave, because their president’s comments are a signal that their physical conquest cannot be far away.”

Hohmann, who authored “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and the Resettlement Jihad,” pointed out some high-profile liberal Western women have donned a hijab to mollify Muslims. In 2014, Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges wore a hijab when she met with leaders of her city’s Somali Muslim community.

“She said it was a sign of ‘respect,’ but to the Islamic mindset it is a sign of her submission to Islam,” Hohmann recalled.

Hillary Clinton has also worn a hijab on previous overseas trips, as have Britain’s Kate Middleton and the late Princess Diana.



In his remarks before the students, Van der Bellen seemed to suggest wearing a hijab is an appealing style option for women.

The president stated: “It is every woman’s right to dress exactly as she pleases. That is my opinion on this. And by the way, not just Muslim women: every woman can wear a headscarf.”

Philip Haney, a former Department of Homeland Security officer who specialized in Islamic theology, thinks Van der Bellen is missing the boat on the meaning of the hijab.

“Apparently, President Van der Bellen doesn’t care that hijabs are not merely benign, harmless expressions of feminine modesty, self-determination and self-empowerment, but are actually required by Islamic Shariah, which is violently opposed to many other freedoms we enjoy in the West,” Haney told WND. “Is there a single country in the Islamic world where women enjoy the liberties and freedoms we take for granted here in the West?

“It is also an ominous warning sign that President Van der Bellen seems to believe that the only way to maintain the rights and freedoms of women in Austria is to literally force them to submit to Islamic Shariah, rather than insisting that Muslims who immigrate to Austria, and the EU, assimilate into the culture of their host country.”

Haney, co-author of “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad,” warned the Austrian president to avoid the temptation to appease radical Islam.

“It appears that Western leaders are so severely blinded by their fear of being called racist Islamophobes that they are willing to sacrifice their own values, and their own countrymen, on the altar of appeasement and compromise,” Haney said.

“Apparently, President Van der Bellen has forgotten the price we paid a generation ago, when the world tried to appease an Austrian-born tyrant named Adolf Hitler. Wearing swastikas in solidarity with Hitler would not have appeased him then, and wearing hijabs (headscarves) won’t help appease the tyrannical practitioners of Shariah now.”

America is headed down a suicidal path – but it’s a subtle invasion, and not many Americans understand the full extent of the problem. Get all the details in Leo Hohmann’s brand new book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad,” available now in hard copy or e-book at the WND Superstore.



San Francisco grid failure offers preview of EMP threat


For seven hours last Friday, San Francisco was in chaos. A fire in a utility company substation caused a power outage that knocked out traffic lights, cable cars, elevators and computer systems.

At least 88,000 Pacific Gas and Electric Co. customers were left without power for most of the workday.

Employees in the city’s financial district had to go home for the day as they found themselves unable to do business. Many retailers shut their doors as well, unable to accept credit card payments using their electronic card readers. Major traffic jams plagued the city as motorists were forced to treat every intersection as a four-way stop.

However, there were no reported deaths or major injuries associated with the outage, and all power was restored to customers within eight hours.

But what if next time is different? What if next time, the power goes out not for seven hours, but seven days? What if it goes out not merely in part of San Francisco, but the entire Western half of the United States?

That scenario is very plausible in the increasingly dangerous world in which we live, according to energy expert Jeffrey Yago.

“Hopefully you realize that this government just does not have the resources, expertise or leadership to feed and shelter millions of people if a real disaster strikes, and there have been multiple examples to drive this point home,” Yago warns.

“Aging power systems, malicious computer hacking, decommissioned power plants that could not meet new EPA regulations, grid terrorist attacks, and the increased risk of an EMP all but guarantee future power outages will last much longer and occur more frequently.”

If Americans can’t rely on the government during an extended power outage, what are they to do? Yago recommends replacing grid-powered devices with battery-powered appliances. In his book “Lights On: The Non-Technical Guide to Battery Power When the Grid Goes Down,” he details many ways to use battery-powered devices for lighting, communication, refrigeration, cooking, pumping water, bathing, medical needs, security, bugging out and much more.

Although Yago is a licensed professional engineer and certified energy professional with more than 40 years of professional experience in the energy and emergency power field, he wrote his book for the layman. He walks readers through all the steps necessary to install and operate their battery-powered appliances so they will not have to panic when the electrical grid goes down.



Michael Maloof, a former senior security policy analyst in the office of the secretary of defense, estimates a large city like San Francisco could only survive two or three days at most without electricity before devolving into chaos. All public transportation would be gone, as would the ability to refuel cars. The grocery stores would likely run out of food after three days.

“It can be rather devastating in very short order, just in a matter of days, not weeks and months,” Maloof told WND.

In his book “A Nation Forsaken,” Maloof warned of the threat an EMP, in its various forms, poses to the vulnerable American power grid. While EMPs can be man-made, they can also arise from natural causes, such as solar flares and accompanying coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

NASA observed a large coronal mass ejection from a sunspot late on April 18, according to SpaceWeather.com. If CMEs can take between 42 and 208 hours to reach the Earth, as NASA says, this particular CME could have passed near Earth on the morning of April 21, at the very time power went out in San Francisco.

San Francisco was not the only American city to experience a power outage that morning. In New York City, power went down at one subway station at 7:20 a.m., and later that morning, across the country, power went out at Los Angeles International Airport and many other locations around the city.

Maloof acknowledged the possibility extreme space weather may have been behind the widespread outages. He said power failures have a way of spreading throughout the electrical grid.

“Once something goes down in one area, there is a cascading effect to other areas within the surrounding area. So you shut down power in one area, it could affect power outage in contiguous areas,” he said. “So it’s conceivable that you had a cascading effect within the cities as a result of the solar flare, and they’re in the right latitude for where that flare could have hit approximately. And they’re all on approximately the same latitude, which makes it so very interesting.”

The ever-present threat of solar flares and other extreme space weather, combined with the threat of a weaponized EMP from a hostile nation such as North Korea, leads Maloof to believe EMP defense should be one of the U.S.’s top national security priorities. However, the Trump administration has not yet taken steps to harden the U.S. power grid against a possible EMP. It has not even declared it one of its top priorities.

“So you want something tangible done?” Maloof asked. “Let’s get something tangible done today, now. The Trump administration needs to declare EMP a very high national security priority. Just forget about Syria, forget about Yemen, even North Korea, forget about them. Let’s tighten up here first; then we can go play outside.”

Maloof said some of Trump’s advisers are taking his attention away from the domestic priorities on which he was elected – jobs, infrastructure and immigration – and instead focusing on regime change in Syria and other places.

“We’re in a conundrum right now internationally,” he said. “What are we going to do in Yemen? What are we going to do in Syria? What are we going to do in North Korea? And that’s where all the attention is focused. It’s not on infrastructure development or working on hardening our industries from EMP. We should be doing that. We’re not.

“We should be working on things that are tangible for the United States. EMP hardening is a tangible consideration, and it isn’t happening.”



Climate experts: Global warming doubts are ‘real science’

Al Gore

Al Gore

A number of Ph.Ds have written a book chapter asserting that doubts about the theory of human-caused global warming should be considered “real science.”

You know, the idea of basing hypotheses on documented evidence rather than a political agenda.

But the National Science Teachers Association wants nothing to do with such an approach.

Its executive director, David Evans, has written a letter to members insisting they must teach the agendas of the National Wildlife Federation, the North American Association for Environmental Education, the Campaign for Environmental Literacy, the Center for Climate Change Communication and other activist groups.

What they must avoid, he contends, is the information compiled by the scientists who wrote “Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming.

The chapter, written by Craig Idso, Robert Carter and S. Fred Singer and published by the Heartland Institute, challenges common climate change and global warming agenda arguments.

Spencer Irvine of Accuracy in Academia wrote in a review: “As much as the liberal media, liberal academics and pundits tell Americans that the earth is too warm and human beings are the cause for a spike in weather and temperature changes, there is little-to-no scientific consensus to support these assertions. …  [I]t is clear that the climate change agenda turns a blind eye to neutral and impartial studies of the subject.”

The Heartland Institute distributed the chapter to several hundred thousand science teachers, prompting outrage from the National Science Teachers Association, the NSTA.

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The NSTA’s director, Evans, told members flatly that “scientists don’t disagree about climate change or its causes” and “labeling propaganda as science does not make it so.”

Evans called the institute’s information an “unprecedented attack.”

“Just teach science in your classroom,” he told teachers, suggesting “resources” from special interest organizations such as the National Wildlife Federation.

The Heartland Institute responded this week.

“The [teachers’ association] letter is unclear what, exactly, we attacked,” the group said.

“One might have thought, even assumed, that educators are interested in dialogue and debate and would be open to new ideas and facts. Is sharing research and commentary with them somehow improper? If so, why?” it continued. “The book in question is hardly propaganda: It was written by three distinguished climate scientists, all of whom have doctoral degrees in relevant scientific fields, who together have published hundreds of articles on climate issues in respected peer-reviewed journals. The book has more than 250 references, including many peer-reviewed articles and articles by noted alarmists as well as realists in the climate debate.”

The institute explained the book is a single chapter of a much longer work in progress, “Climate Change Reconsidered II: Benefits and Costs of Fossil Fuels.”

The book is being produced by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC).

“That book will be the fifth volume in a series that is so highly regarded by the scientific community it has been cited more than 100 times in peer-reviewed articles and was translated into Chinese and published by the Chinese Academy of Science,” the institute wrote. “Does that sound like ‘propaganda’ to you?”

The focal point is that there is no agreement among scientists on global warming.

“More than 31,000 scientists have signed a petition stating as clearly and forcibly as they could that ‘there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.’ In a sane world, this fact alone ought to be sufficient to end silly talk of a ‘scientific consensus,’” the institute said.

“There is much more evidence that scientists disagree than just one petition, and more importantly, good reasons why scientists disagree about this wickedly complex scientific puzzle. To learn about that, you need to read the book. It’s available for free online at heartland.org, in case you weren’t mailed one.

“We have a president of the United States and majorities of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate who do not believe the science is settled. Many of them believe global warming is not a crisis. Are they all wrong? Is it some ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’? That seems unlikely. Maybe it’s just real science.”

WND reported last year that despite the tens of millions the U.S. government has spent publicizing the theory of human-caused “global warming,” most Americans don’t see it as an issue.

That’s according to Social and Behavioral Sciences Team in the executive office of the President Obama, part of the National and Science Technology Council. Its annual report described how it worked in eight “policy areas,” including climate change.

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The report said consumer adoption of “green-power plans remained low at roughly 700,000 customers nationwide.”

To improve that figure, the team initiated a dialogue with the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy to “identify the potential behavioral barriers underlying low take-up of clean energy, as well as a suite of behavioral tools that can be used to address these barriers.”

“For example, behavioral science research indicates that prompting consumers to select a power plan from among clean and non-clean options (rather than defaulting them into a standard electricity plan) and presenting plan options in ways that facilitate informed decision-making can improve take-up,” the report said.

It also wanted to make consumers better understand what the government wanted them to do about global warming.

“To help households, communities and decision-makers better understand and adapt to the effects of rising global temperatures, SBST, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the University of Maryland have worked to help the United States Global Change Research Program improve their ‘climate indicators,’ which convey important information about climate patterns to non-scientists,” the report said.

“This pilot yielded mixed results. For example, simplifying a graph showing changes in the Annual Greenhouse Gas Index increased successful interpretation of the indicator by 18 percent points, but did not significantly increase how well people were able to draw inferences from the indicator,” the report said.

It then went into detail about how it did research to show that simply changing a graph around might help convince people of the agenda’s value.

One of the more famous global warming predictions came from former vice president and current carbon-credit entrepreneur Al Gore, who told an audience in a 2009 speech that “the entire north polar ice cap during some of the summer months could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years.”

His 2006 documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” famously predicted increasing temperatures would cause earth’s oceans to rise by 20 feet, a claim many scientists say is utterly without rational basis.

See Gore:



Another came from a 2013 column by Mark Hertsgaard, which was headlined “The End of the Arctic? Ocean Could be Ice Free by 2015.”

He wrote: “Say goodbye to polar bears and a whole lot of ice. New research suggests the Arctic Ocean could be ice-free by 2015, with devastating consequences for the world. Can it be stopped?”

Taking one more step back in time, the BBC said Arctic summers would be ice-free by 2013.

Sierra Club Canada also said in 2013 that the Arctic sea ice would vanish that year.

Tim Ball, a former University of Winnipeg climatology professor, said global temperatures have been dropping since the turn of the century, prompting the change in terminology from “global warming” to “climate change.”

Activists are also spending less time discussing temperatures and more time pointing to more extreme events such as tornadoes, droughts, cold snaps and heat waves. Ball said there’s a shred of truth there, but it’s being badly distorted.

“Yes, there’s been slightly more extremes,” he said in an interview with WND and Radio America. “That’s because the jet stream patterns are changing, because the earth is cooling down. All the arguments about sea-level rise, about Arctic ice disappearing, if you recall it’s not that long ago that our friend Al Gore was saying that there would be no summer ice in the Arctic. I think the year he set for it was 2014. That proved to be completely wrong.”

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with Tim Ball:


At the Ron Paul Liberty Report, Chris Rossini said the “alarmism” about “climate change” is reaching “levels of desperation.”

“The arguments go from ridiculous to hysterical. We’re told by many politicians that ‘climate change’ is the #1 threat to Americans. This is of course a favorite of the swindling class. Others tell us that the #1 threat is ISIS, and some are now saying that it’s Donald Trump. Some say it’s North Korea, Russia, or Iran. The carousel of #1 threats is always in motion.”

Rossini continued: “In the media you’ll find stories that free birth control is needed in order to battle climate change, and that climate change will turn women into prostitutes. Non-believers of this ridiculous propaganda are branded as ‘deniers’.

“Even appeals to religion and the afterlife have been showered on Americans. Whether it be comments from the pope, or from Nobel Prize winning ‘economist’ Paul Krugman, who says: ‘You can deny global warming (and may you be punished in the afterlife for doing so – this kind of denial for petty personal or political reasons is an almost inconceivable sin).’”

Rossini wrote, “Boy, do these characters really want Americans to believe the climate change religion.”

Scientist Art Robinson has spearheaded The Petition Project, which has gathered the signatures of at least 31,487 scientists who agree that there is “no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.”

They say, “Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.”

Robinson, who has a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California-San Diego, where he served on the faculty, co-founded the Linus Pauling Institute with Nobel-recipient Linus Pauling, where he was president and research professor. He later founded the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. His son, Noah Robinson, was a key figure in the petition work and has a Ph.D. in chemistry from Caltech.

Heresy hunters

WND reported when some two dozen scientists with major U.S. universities urged President Obama to use racketeering laws to prosecute opponents who deny mankind is causing catastrophic changes in the climate.

In a letter addressed back then to Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Office of Science and Technology Policy Director John Holdren, the scientists said they “appreciate that you are making aggressive and imaginative use of the limited tools available to you in the face of a recalcitrant Congress.”

“One additional tool – recently proposed by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse – is a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) investigation of corporations and other organizations that have knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change, as a means to forestall America’s response to climate change,” they wrote, according to Politico.

Two years ago, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said legal punishment was the appropriate response to global-warming dissenters.

“I wish there were a law you could punish them with,” he said, launching into a diatribe against philanthropists Charles and David Koch, known for their support of conservative causes.

“I think it’s treason. Do I think the Koch brothers are treasonous – yes, I do. They are enjoying making themselves billionaire[s] by impoverishing the rest of us. Do I think they should be in jail – I think they should be [enduring] three hots and a cot at the Hague with all the other war criminals. Do I think the Koch brothers should be tried for reckless endangerment? Absolutely, that is [a] criminal offense and they ought to be serving time for it.”

“Climategate” exposes the global warming scam. Get it now at the WND Superstore.



Bill makes sanctuary-city officials responsible for illegals’ crimes


By Courtney Renee Drenan

COLUMBUS, Ohio – There’s a war taking place between cities and states in America and their new president over whether local authorities should be involved in enforcing the nation’s immigration laws, or whether they can ignore them with impunity.

Nowhere is that new dividing line more evident than in the heartland, in Ohio, where the slogan is “So much to discover.”

In the middle of the controversy now is the contest for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Sherrod Brown. Challenger Josh Mandel, state treasurer, has made safety and security the cornerstone of his campaign.

And that includes the subject of illegal aliens and their presence in America.

Ohio is one of 25 states where legislation discouraging cities from non-cooperation with federal immigration law enforcement has either been introduced or is planned in state legislatures. The fight is a vignette, because the implications stretch virtually around the globe.

It’s also messy. There’s no legal definition for a sanctuary city. It can be loosely applied and refers to a wide array of policy actions by a state or local government.

Just this week the court in the Northern District of California rejected the administration’s plan to defund sanctuary cities. President Trump rallied his supporters via tweet saying, “See you in the Supreme Court!”

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In Ohio, Mandel has already proclaimed from the podium that sanctuary cities will happen “over my dead body!”

Ohio’s bill would up the ante for responsibility significantly. Public officials in sanctuary cities could face removal from office if an undocumented immigrant commits a crime.

The problem is real. It was a Painesville, Ohio, case that featured murder by an undocumented immigrant. The crime spree started with the attempted rape of a 14-year-old girl and ended with the murder of a 60-year-old woman.

Katrice Williams, a policy associate for the ACLU of Ohio, says sanctuary policies are needed, and “these stories are meant to stir up xenophobia toward immigrants.”

“We need sanctuary city policies to stop these abuses of power from happening by federal authorities or incensed local enforcement,” she said, citing reports from Los Angeles that sexual assault and domestic violence reports dropped 25 percent and 10 percent, respectively, among the Latino population.

She blames a fear of being detained.

“The evidence suggests residents without formal documentation fear that they will be deported by interacting with police, testifying in court or reporting a crime,” Williams claimed.

But fear of deportation may not be to blame. Los Angeles is a sanctuary city, granting protections for undocumented immigrants. In fact, the Los Angeles Police Department is home to Special Order 40, a policy that was instituted in 1979. It makes initiating contact or arresting an individual based on immigration status strictly forbidden.

In addition, Williams notes how immigration status can hold a domestic violence victim hostage. She highlighted a case from El Paso, Texas. Irvin Gonzalez sought a protective order against her boyfriend, which she got, but then ended up being arrested by ICE as she left court.

While this sounds jarring, it is important to note that Gonzalez had already been deported five times since 2010. She also had a prior criminal record, with a total of six criminal convictions.

Williams lamented that people won’t cooperate with police if they’re fearful of being detained themselves.

The other side, though, comes from Dave Ray of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

“Sanctuary policies invite lawlessness and illegal immigration into communities,” he said.

And the absence of those practices won’t hinder police, he said.

“There isn’t a police department in the country that asks someone who is a victim of crime what their immigration status is,” Ray said. “Those who claim that sanctuary policies will negatively impact police relationships with the community or keep immigrant victims from coming forward are peddling a false and disproven narrative.”

He explained that his information doesn’t agree with Williams’ information.

“There’s only been one accredited study on the notion that eliminating sanctuary policies would have a negative effect on relations between police and the immigrant community,” Ray said. “The report found no evidence of a decline in crime reporting by immigrants after implementing a policy to screen all offenders for legal status.

“Of the convictions associated with criminal alien arrests, over 173,000 or 66 percent are associated with aliens who were identified by DHS stats as being in the U.S. illegally at the time of their arrest,” he said.

Williams and Ray predict different outcomes, but the Ohio fight could ripple across the nation.

The 2018 election tosses up 33 seats in the U.S. Senate. Last November’s outcome stunned many and put Democrats on notice. As a result, once safe Senate seats are vulnerable. Ohio is one of those.

Williams pointed out that “voters have a big opportunity to oppose policies and legislation that will erode their civil liberties.”

But Mandel said, “Sanctuary cities are an out-of-touch, misguided policy that snub their nose at our nation’s laws and undermine the security of our communities … sanctuary cities will only empower our enemies, not deter them.”

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