Study: Journalists have America’s lousiest jobs

In the era of President Donald Trump, we hear a lot about news reporters doing a lousy job– but a growing number also feel they have a lousy job. And as public distaste for members of the news media continues to increase, the results of a recent study probably mean fewer and fewer Americans will consider journalism careers.

According to the site CareerCast, newspaper and broadcast reporters have the worst jobs in America for 2017.

From the website:

The two lowest-ranking jobs of 2017 have recently taken center stage in American culture in a way not seen in many years. The value of trained, professional Newspaper Reporters and Broadcasters has taken on heightened importance recently as well as increased scrutiny. Journalists covering politics in particular, have been under extreme pressure as they strive to credibly cover the news and keep our nation informed.

Working extensively in the public eye and often under tight deadlines contributes to the high stress rankings for both Newspaper Reporters and Broadcasters. In addition, both industries have also felt the years-long squeeze of diminishing job prospects, due to declining advertising revenue that has impacted the newspaper, radio and television industries. The two professions rank among the 13 worst for job outlook, with negative growth forecasted through 2024 in this year’s Jobs Rated report.

While it’s easy to hate journalists, it’s also worth remembering that there are a few good ones out there. The free press, after all, was so important to the nation’s founders that it’s the only business expressly protected by the Constitution.

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