Vaya con dios, illegal alien!

Let’s all bid “adios” to Rosa Maria Ortega. The poor dear was convicted earlier this week of a series of crimes she committed between 2005 and 2014. Following the convictions for casting illegal ballots in as many as five elections, Senorita Ortega was sentenced to eight years in prison. The 37-year-old mother of four will miss out on nearly a decade of her children’s lives because she broke the law.

According to Rosa, her sentence is “unfair,” and she’s being “made an example of.” That’s true of every criminal who gets apprehended. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the crime, Rosa. According to her attorney Clark Birdsall, the president of the United States is responsible. “You cannot hold this woman accountable for Donald Trump’s fictitious 3 million votes.”

No one is holding her responsible for anything except her own crimes. According to our friends and neighbors on the left side of the political spectrum, racism is to blame. The presence of racism in the United States is lamentable, but not particularly relevant to her status as a long-time criminal offender. But according to the law, Rosa Maria Ortega is an illegal alien.

That last bit is actually the only part that matters. Ortega was in the United States illegally. Since her mere presence on the north side of the border was, in itself, a crime, anything she did afterwards was tainted by her crime. We can get bogged down in all the specious charges of “racism,” and “hate” and “anti-immigrant” bigotry, but none of that has any bearing on the fact that Ortega is a criminal; Ortega got caught, and Ortega is going to do a nickel plus tres in la casa grande.

With our nation devolving into endless partisan bickering that has all the collegiality of a monkey poop fight at the zoo, it is hardly surprising that simple matters of law fall into shadow. With the Democrat Party making a habit of engaging in, encouraging and then denying the existence of voter fraud, it is hardly surprising that Ortega and her attorney are trying to re-frame her conviction as some kind of political martyrdom. But with all that being acknowledged, the fact remains: Ortega broke the law.

President Trump didn’t drag Rosa Maria Ortega here. The Tarrant County, Texas, district attorney didn’t force her to stay. The jury in her trial didn’t make her cast fraudulent ballots. She isn’t an “undocumented immigrant,” nor is she the victim of any racist machinations.

The pro-amnesty crowd can parse words, deflect attention and wrongly assign blame from now until Cinco de Mayo replaces the Fourth of July; they likely will. But strip away the headline-fueled rhetoric, and her case is as cut and dried as the Madoff verdict; the rest is just caca del toro.

— Ben Crystal

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