Stunner! DOJ wants to keep Clinton Foundation docs quiet until 2018

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Only a couple of days after Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s tête-à-tête with former President Bill Clinton in Phoenix, her department is asking a federal court for permission to delay release of Clinton Foundation communications with federal employees until 2018 – when Hillary Clinton hopes to be half way through a first term in the White House.

The Daily Caller reported the DOJ motion asking for permission to delay for 27 months producing the correspondence between Hillary Clinton’s top aides while she was secretary of state and the Clinton Foundation’s private operations.

“If the court permits the delay, the public won’t be able to read the communications until October 2018, about 22 months into her prospective first term as president,” the Daily Caller noted. “The four senior Clinton aides involved were Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Michael Fuchs, Ambassador-At-Large Melanne Verveer, Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, and Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin.

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New estimates suggest there are more than 34,000 “potentially responsive documents,” which include communications between Hillary Clinton’s aides and either the Clinton Foundation or Teneo Holdings, where Bill Clinton was a paid consultant, the report said.

The documents had been sought by Citizens United, whose president, David N. Bossie, said the plan is “totally unacceptable.” He accused the federal government of “using taxpayer dollars to protect their candidate, Hillary Clinton.”

Previously the government was supposed to release the documents by July 21, well in advance of the November election and in plenty of time for voters to learn what went on.

But DOJ lawyers told U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras they wanted more time.

A report developing at virtually the same time documented the calls for Lynch to recuse herself from a DOJ decision over whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified information through an unsecure private email server.

The calls were prompted because of a brief meeting Lynch held with Bill Clinton.

WND reported Wednesday that Lynch confessed to meeting with Bill Clinton briefly at the Phoenix airport, which raised questions because of the time and location.

At the time, Lynch claimed the two talked about grandchildren, travels and the like but not the FBI investigation.

Now, Michael Cutler at Front Page Magazine is offering a simple solution to all the questions of propriety that are being raised.

“The stakes could not be higher – yet Loretta Lynch acted in a way that she should clearly understood created that illusion of wrong-doing. … It is impossible to understand her motivation or what she was thinking as she sat on her airplane meeting with Bill Clinton – but one thing is now perfectly clear, she must recuse herself from any involvement in the decision making process where the investigation/prosecution of Hillary Clinton is concerned,” he wrote.

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Former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams, at PJ Media, sounded off.

“Whenever Bill Clinton gets on a plane to meet a woman, he’s usually up to no good,” he wrote. “Attorney General Loretta Lynch said her impromptu tarmac summit at Phoenix Sky Harbor was a purely social affair. Golf and grandchildren were on the agenda, she said – and not how a home-brew server crammed with classified information ended up in Bill’s basement.

“However, the attorney general normally doesn’t meet with family members of a target in an active FBI criminal investigation. Hillary is just that – a target in an FBI criminal investigation.”

He continued: “Many won’t believe Lynch and Clinton only discussed grandkids and golf in her cozy jet. But I do. That’s all they needed to discuss for Bill to interfere with a criminal prosecution. Sophisticated insiders don’t need to use clumsy and explicit language. Merely having the tarmac summit interferes with the investigation, even if golf and grandkids were the only topics discussed. The tarmac summit sent a signal. It is a signal to all of the hardworking FBI agents who have the goods on Hillary.

“The attorney general has made it clear what team she is on. The attorney general isn’t on the side of justice. She’s on the Democratic Party team. This is the unspoken message from Lynch to all of the FBI agents on the case and to all the front-line lawyers at the Justice Department: When you send your recommendation to refer Hillary’s case to the grand jury, you had better realize your burden to convince me I should sign off on a grand jury request is higher than you thought. These are my friends.”


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