Classified details found in another 150 Hillary emails


WASHINGTON – The State Department has confirmed another 150 emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server contained classified information.

Spokesman Mark Toner confirmed “somewhere around 150″ of approximately 7,000 Clinton emails to be released at 9:00 Eastern Monday were “upgraded” to classified status.

He said, “The information we’ve upgraded was not marked classified at the time the emails were sent.”

Clinton has denied she had any classified information on her private email server but two inspectors general said that was not true, finding four such emails in a random search of just 30 emails.

Clinton’s camp then claimed none of the emails was marked classified at the time.

Sixty-three Clinton emails released in the last few months have since been retroactively marked classified.

The finding of the inspectors general led to speculation that there would be many more Clinton emails with classified information.

That appeared to be proven true on Monday, as the State Department prepared to release the biggest batch yet of Clinton emails.

The former secretary of state said there were 55,000 pages of emails on her server but she destroyed 30,000, claiming they were private.

Clinton’s server has been turned over to the FBI, which is investigating and trying to see if it can retrieve all of her emails.

In May, a federal judge ordered the State Department to release batches every 30 days of the emails Clinton did not destroy.

The House committee investigating Benghazi has subpoenaed Clinton’s emails and the legal watchdog group Judicial Watch has gone to court to obtain them.

As WND reported on Aug. 20, a federal judge ordered the State Department to work with the FBI to respond to the legal demand for details about her practice.

“We wouldn’t be here today if the employee (Clinton) had followed government policy,” U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan said.

The email controversy has caused some Democrats to begin backing away from Clinton’s candidacy for president.

“I just never feel I have a grasp of what the facts are,” Rep. John Yarmuth, D-Ky., told Kentucky television station WHAS. “Clearly, she has handled it poorly from the first day. And, there’s the appearance of dishonesty, if it’s not dishonest.”


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