D’oh! Ted Cruz ‘auditions’ for ‘The Simpsons’



The presidential contest for 2016 is suddenly a bit more animated, as Republican candidate Ted Cruz is now starring in a video “auditioning” to be the voice of several characters on “The Simpsons.”

“With [voice actor] Harry Shearer retiring, I’m auditioning for any part I can get in ‘The Simpsons,’” the Texas senator declares at the outset of the video produced by BuzzFeed.

“Smithers, release the hounds! Exxxxxcellent,” Cruz says as he does his best impression of Homer Simpson’s boss, Mr. Burns.

Watch the video of Ted Cruz’s audition:

Cruz also impersonates Christian neighbor Ned Flanders, and voices both Lisa and Homer Simpson in a discussion about eating meat.

“I have been told many times I have a face for radio, and I have a face for animation,” the Texas senator jokingly concluded.

BuzzFeed notes: “Even if Ted Cruz doesn’t win the White House in 2016, he may have a future playing your favorite Springfield residents.”


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